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Govt admits contracting ‘shadowy’ companies to construct roads

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime claims it is going after shadowy companies it awarded tenders to construct roads but failed to complete their projects.

In an effort to improve the road network in Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa introduced the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP).

His government disbursed billions towards the reconstruction of roads after more than two decades of degradation.

Several companies both local and international benefitted from the initiative.

Chipinge’s Musikavanhu legislator Joshua Murire on Wednesday asked Transport Minister Felix Mhona to explain the government position on companies who would have been failing to finish road projects.

He asked: “What is Government doing concerning companies that were given tenders to construct roads and they are failing to complete their projects, for example Rimbi-Chiridza Road?”

Mhona said his Ministry was compiling a list of defaulting companies in order to cancel their contracts.

“I want to thank Hon. Murire for that very important question. It is true that we have non performers as well, contractors who have been bidding, tendering at a very low price in order to attract the contract.

“I have assigned my team to prepare a list, which I will bring to this august House so that we blacklist such types of contractors for wasting the time of Government and the citizenry.

“Precisely, I do concur that we have got a number of such contractors who have failed to run with the agenda of His Excellency Cde. E. D. Mnangagwa to rehabilitate our roads.

“So, we are not hesitating to cancel those contracts. We have been doing that and assigning competitive contractors to take charge of such contracts,” Mhona said.

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda also asked the Minister to explain the government ‘s position on companies making substandards roads.

Mhona responded: “Thank you very much Mr. Speaker Sir. I think I will be happy to have such kinds of roads from the Hon Member that were rehabilitated and within a short space of time potholes are surfacing so that we will then take that contractor to account for that kind of shoddy work.” Nehanda Radio