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Susan Mutami claims she was ‘abused’ by President Mnangagwa

Controversial Australia based Zimbabwean businesswoman, Susan Mutami, has claimed that she was “abused” by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mutami who made headlines after she went public claiming she was pregnant with Norton legislator Temba Mliswa’s twins, has dropped another bomb shell. She also claims she dated the late former Foreign Affairs Minister Sibusiso Moyo while he was married.

Mutami claims Moyo knew that “I had been abused by Mnangagwa”.

“When I met SB Moyo I had been abused by @edmnangagwa and SB Moyo said i will protect you from today onwards. President Mugabe knew about my issue and before he passed on he even wanted me to come out in the open bt SB Moyo advised me not to as it was not safe,” Mutami wrote on Twitter.

Susan Mutami tweet about President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Susan Mutami’s tweets making allegations about President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Moyo was married to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) chairperson Loice Matanda-Moyo. Mutami said the former liberation war veteran had an option for divorce but failed to do so in order to protect his image.

Mutami claimed even the late former President Robert Mugabe who was removed from power through a military coup by Mnangagwa knew her case against the current Zanu PF leader.

“When we started dating SB Moyo explained to me that he was HIV positive and I loved him regardless of his status. In 2012 SB Moyo had an operation-TB of the spine and I stood by him through it all.

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“He was not happy in his marriage and couldn’t divorce @matandamoyo because that would have been his 3rd marriage and the divorce would be costly he said.

“I agreed with the arrangement and would fly to Zim every 2-3 months to be with him. I even had trouble with border security because they were wondering why my boyfriend couldn’t visit me here in Australia but zvimwe zvanga zvisingataurike.

“President Mugabe even offered me counseling at the time but I refused coz I felt I couldn’t trust anyone but I’m ready to talk now. His people started destroying my character kuvanhu,” she said.

After some twitter users doubted her revelations Mutami continued;

“I see most of u are questioning my sexual abuse claims with @edmnangagwa, let me remind u all that Mr (Godfrey) Majonga went to his grave without getting justice for himself and lived his whole life as a cripple. U all remember just before the coup…

“… from being threatened kunzi ukazvitaura unofa, Hapana kusiri kufa hamadzangu. Auxillia Mnangagwa is busy looting the whole country through proxies. Ku Mazowe uko vana vake vakatora ma mine evanhu vane paperwork zvechisimba.

“… ma Zupco amunonyeperwa every day kunzi kwauya ma Zupco 150 anorara husiku hwese achigezwa achiendeswa ku border makambozvibvunza kuti ndeani and who’s benefiting off Zupco. Listen citizens kana ndichikuudzai kuti nyika yaparara #RegisterToVoteZW #Yellow heartYellow heartYellow heart.”

Mnangagwa spokesperson George Charamba’s mobile phone was not reachable for a comment.

Susan Mutami set Twitter ablaze last week after posting that she is three months pregnant with Temba Mliswa’s twins.
Susan Mutami set Twitter ablaze after posting that she is three months pregnant with Temba Mliswa’s twins.

Meanwhile Mliswa has since challenged Mutami to a DNA test to see if he is really the father of the alleged twins. He also accused her of being used by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) to dig information from public officials through sleeping with them. Nehanda Radio