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Urban groover Discord set to drop single tracks on Valentine’s Day

Top deejay and urban grooves crooner, Lovedale Makalanga popularly known as Discord is set to drop single tracks on Valentine’s Day as he moves to touch base with lovers on the day.

Speaking exclusively, to Nehanda Radio Showbiz, DJ Dischord said the two songs are of a reggae genre and reminds lovers on how to treasure their loved ones in relationships.

“One of the songs is a Justin Bieber cover song called Mom Don’t like You and the other is called Samanisi which talks about a relationship which ended up with people trying to get each other arrested and put in courts after a relationship fails,” he said.

He said one of the tracks was produced by Movy D a Zimbabwean producer based in South Africa while the other two are acoustic performances by guitar.

One is called Murombo which talks about how people are leaving the country for greener pastures to take care of the family and the other is called ndibatsireyi which is dedicated to children as it pleads for better education quality for children.

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The song stresses the importance of maximizing children’s time in school in order for them to be the future leaders of tomorrow and as well as talking about how bad child marriages are.

The lyrics, “ndibatsireyiwo ndinunureiwo ndidzidziseyi pachine mazuva kuti mangwana nditungamire vose vadiki vanotevera” pleads with parents and guardians to take combative action in order to avoid future and unforeseen disasters.

“For the love songs, I chose Valentines because I sing about love and the day is when people celebrate love and relationships. It is the month of love.

“I also feel that the love songs addresses some issues people are afraid to talk about being someone who has gone through some break ups. The gems also present another angle for men to receive therapy through music,” added Dischord.`