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Tino Kadewere’s elder brother to contest in Zanu PF primary elections

French based Warriors striker Tino Kadewere’s elder brother, Prosper Kadewere is set to contest in the forthcoming Zanu PF primary elections.

This was revealed in a campaign poster seen by Nehanda Radio before the publication contacted Kadewere who also confirmed his desire to contest.

Kadewere is keenly vying to become the Ward 24 Highfield East, Harare nominee councillor for Zanu PF ahead of the by-elections.

But to become a Zanu PF representative, the brother to the football star will jostle a number of other party members who are also interestedly eyeing to occupy the same position.

Speaking to Nehanda Radio on Tuesday morning, the aspiring Zanu PF nominee for Ward 24 said he is geared up for the election.

“Whenever a person decides to contest in an election they obviously look forward to win and this applies to me, I am ready for the election,” he remarked.

Then asked about the beginning of his political career, Kadewere highlighted that the journey dates back to 2013.

He said it started when he used to be a messenger-boy for top officials and a number of politicians in the country.

“I started politics in 2013 when I used to be a runner for a number of government officials and other politicians. I was sent in different places” he added.

And wasting no time, the brother to the former Harare City player went on to indicate that he has always been a staunch Zanu PF party member and supporter.

Furthermore, Kadewere revealed he was born in a family that wholeheartedly rally behind Zanu PF.

Additionally, he described both of his parents as loyal members of the ruling political party, especially his father who passed on nine years ago.

“I am a firm member of the Zanu PF party because I was born and bred by a Zanu PF supporting family. My father used to be a member of the party before he left the world in 2013 and my mother is still a Zanu PF,” Kadewere went on to reveal.

Meanwhile, the upcoming primary elections were confirmed by the Zanu PF political commissar Mike Bimha last Saturday in Harare.

There are slated to take place on Thursday.

The polls are held ahead of the March 26 by-elections where 28 National Assembly vacancies together with 105 local authority seats need to be filled in.

Tino Kadewere and wife pose for a picture with President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Tino Kadewere and wife pose for a picture with President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Therefore, Kadewere’s decision to contest in the Zanu PF primary elections comes after they (as the Kadewere family) paid a courtesy visit to President Mnangagwa at State House in December 2020.

The prominent 26-year-old Lyon star was the main guest. Also present was his wife and his other brother Pardon Kadewere.

And during the visit the Warriors striker was appointed the Tourism ambassador. He was also presented with a book gift from the president, titled ‘A Life of Sacrifice’. Nehanda Radio