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Hwende efforts to harmonize Prof Moyo and Magaisa dismissed

UK based law expert Alex Magaisa has unequivocally dismissed MDC Alliance Secretary General Chalton Hwande’s efforts to bring harmony between him and exiled former cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo.

The conflict between the two political commentators began during the festive season when Magaisa, in his latest Big Saturday Read (BSR) edition tackled what he termed Post Power Syndrome.

The University of Kent law lecturer article targeted exiled G-40 members like Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao, Walter Mzembi and Saviour Kasukuwere among others who were toppled from government after the November 2017 military coup that ousted late former President Robert Mugabe.

Explaining the ‘Post Power Syndrome’ Magaisa claimed the G-40 members were failing “to come to terms with losing power. And your conduct in recent days confirms what I (and probably others) always suspected: that if given another chance in or near power you will be just as vile and dangerous as you were during the Mugabe regime.”

Magaisa launched attacks on Moyo following the former Zanu PF politburo member’s advice to MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa on how to use the US$120 000 donated by supporters for the purchase of an armor plated vehicle for their leader.

The conflict continued throughout the holidays with Magaisa accusing Moyo and his colleagues that they “behaved like demigods during your time in government.”

Kuwadzana East MP Chalton Hwende being sworn into Parliament. (Picture by Brighton Chihwayi - Photo Phactory Zimbabwe)
Kuwadzana East MP Chalton Hwende being sworn into Parliament. (Picture by Brighton Chihwayi – Photo Phactory Zimbabwe)

On Sunday, Hwende tried to reconcile the two saying they had a role to encourage citizens to register to vote ahead of 2023 elections.

“We are stronger together and on behalf of the @mdczimbabwe leadership and membership I would like to publicly appeal to Mukoma @Wamagaisa and Mukoma @ProfJNMoyo to find each and end their fallout for the sake of the suffering Zimbabweans,” Hwende said.

“They both have a role to play in encouraging every Zimbabwean who is not yet registered to register so that we can achieve the 1.6Million new voters target. In a few days time together with the Citizens we are going to launch a Citizens app that will safeguard the voters rolls

“The app will among other functions ensure that the voters roll for every polling station is displayed and every additional new voter is recorded together with their proof of registration. After ZEC uploads an updated roll the app will immediately audit it and show results.”

Magaisa, however, did not take hours to reprimand Hwende telling him not to interfere with his battle with Moyo.

“There are more important things to occupy you SG. I have never tagged you because the issue has nothing to do with you or the party. People lied, deliberately & purposefully & their aggression is ongoing as long as that lie remains. And I have no business ‘finding’ such people,” Magaisa fired.

Hwende calmly responded: “It’s ok Brother Alex I will not tag you on this matter again.” Nehanda Radio