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Married Chipinge cop goes berserk, shoots ‘small house’ four times

Gun violence has once again reared its ugly head in Chipinge after a constable from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) accused his mistress of infidelity and shot her four times.

The incident took place on the 27th of December in Panganai Village in Chipinge South District.

Information gathered by police at Changadzi District says that Constable Freeman Sithole who is stationed at Dumisa Base in Masvingo arrived in his home area of Panganai Village in Chipinge on the 26th of December at around 1200 hours and proceeded to his alleged mistress’s residence. The victim has been identified as Bridget Shingayi Magazi (30).

Upon arrival, he went to Bridget’s homestead where he met her daughter (15). The daughter then informed him that Bridget had gone to a tuckshop which is said to be a few metres away.

Constable Sithole then informed her that he would return later to check on Bridget.

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Sithole then went on a drinking spree with his brother that started from the 26th of December and ended in the wee hours of the following day.

He then returned to Bridget’s house around 0300 hours where he found her sleeping. Upon arrival he started hurling abuses and accusing her of infidelity.

The verbal ruckus attracted the attention of Bridget’s brother in law Patrick Chimbo (42) who was sleeping in the next room.

Chimbo intervened and took them outside where Sithole continued his tirade and was trying to force march Bridget to a house where he believes she harbors a boyfriend.

Along the way, a physical scuffle started and in the process, Sithole pulled out a service pistol a Tokarev bearing the serial number 103.

Developments show that the service pistol had not been surrendered after he left his police base.

Sithole then proceeded to shoot Bridget four times; in the right and left shoulder, the thigh and in the left breast.

Magazi then tried to flee with Sithole in hot pursuit. She collapsed after about 10 metres.

Upon seeing her state and fearing that she was dead, Sithole then fled towards his homestead in the same village.

When he arrived he saw his wife Lucia Pachiwi and his sister Precious Sithole who were outside after hearing distant gunshots.

The two women then tried to wrestle and disarm Sithole which they did successfully. Sithole then fled the scene and ran towards nearby mountains.

Reports emanating are that Constable Sithole is still at large.

Bridget was then ferried to Mutare Provincial Hospital where she is reported to be in a critical condition.

Efforts to get a comment from the Manicaland Police Desk led by Assistant Inspector Wesley Chinyoka where in vain as he referred the matter to Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

Nyathi’s mobile was unreachable at the time of going to press.