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TikTok video goes viral as baby’s first words are ’alright bruv

By Yasmine Jacobs | IOL |

A baby’s first word is a momentous occasion for parents. It is usually something like “Mama” or “Dada”. So imagine these parents’ shock when their newborn’s first words sounds like “alright bruv”.

Mother Carmen Bish said she was just “chilling” with her partner when the baby started speaking.

“We didn’t even notice at first! We were showing my parents the video and I thought I heard him say something, so I played it again and we all burst out laughing. I can’t believe his first words were ‘alright bruv’!” Bish told Indy100.

Bish was encouraged her to share the clip online. She shared it to TikTok and it went viral.

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Since it was posted on November 6, the clip now has 2.1million views. On the video, Bish joked that she “waited eight months for his first words to be ’alright bruv’.”

The video garnered more than 34 000 likes and 4400 comments at the time of publishing.

Many TikTok users agreed it was the “most British thing” they’ve ever seen, with one commenting: “Tell me you’re British without telling me you’re British.”

A lot of users also called the baby a road man (which loosely means a British gangster or drug dealer).

One TikTok user said: “If our child’s first words aren’t road man words, we are kicking it out of the house.” IOL