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Triangle slammed for allegedly failing to avail transport for Mudimu burial

Triangle United FC has been criticized for their ‘lack of professionalism’ by a number of Twitter users led by ex-footballer and Dynamos goalkeeper Artwell Mukandi.

The criticism centered on the death of the clubs’ late veteran goalkeeper and vice captain Ronald Mudimu who died on Sunday night in Harare.

The Chiredzi outfit reportedly failed to provide their players with transport to Harare in order to pay their last respects to their departed teammate.

Former Dembare shotstopper, Mukandi revealed this on his twitter account.

He furiously took a dig at Triangle United FC’ administration for ‘lack of concern’ towards a player who was their longest serving member in their current squad.

Mukandi then implored the leadership of the club to resolve the matter and provide transport to other players who remained behind and other fans who are willing to bury their club legend at Zororo Memorial Park in Harare.

“Triangle Utd FC that is pathetic, Chii chakadaro ichocho chamatiitira. No man!! Our brother deserved some respect. A long serving member of the club for that matter, a vice captain to be precise. I am very disappointed. Its high time people start respecting this profession.

“Players ended up hiring a bus using their own money so that they could travel to Harare to bury their teammate. What is that?”

According to Mukandi, it also looks like the club did not officially permit the players to travel to the capital, citing that they were not geared in their regalia and had nothing to represent the club.

Robson Sharuko (right) interviews former Warriors coach Norman Mapeza who was also implicated in the Asiagate match fixing scandal.

Veteran sports journalist, Robson Sharuko reacted to Mukandi’s tweet.

“It’s an insult to everyone in football it’s unacceptable and you are right to be furious my guy Ronnie was a hero,” he said.

However, in response to his (Mukandi) tweet, the lowveld side, Triangle United dismissed the issue.

“Stop telling lies to the public,” read their response on twitter. Nehanda Radio