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Family of 5 found dead in Mavuradonha mountains after attempting 200km walk

Five people believed to be members of one family were found dead at the Mavuradonha Mountains on Sunday morning, after they reportedly attempted to walk a distance of 200 kilometers.

In a statement, police said the dead were two adults aged 69 and 29 and three children aged 7, 5 and a one-year-old.

National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi noted that the incident was first discovered by a hunter who stumbled upon the five bodies.

“It is claimed that the family had left Manhondo village in the Mukumbura area of Mt Darwin on foot on their way to Guruve, a distance of about 200 kilometres on November 3 this month,” Nyathi said.

On Twitter, the police said: “The ZRP reports that bodies of five people aged sixty nine years, twenty nine years, seven years, five years and a one year old minor, were found at Mavuradonha Mountain today by a hunter who then reported to the Police.

“It is claimed that the family had left Manhondo Village, Mukumbura Mt Darwin on foot on their way to Guruve, a distance of about 200km on 03/11/21.”

The mountain is found in the Mavuradonha Wilderness situated in the north-east of Zimbabwe, about 180km from Harare.

The wilderness has important cultural and historical significance including 1 000-year-old rock paintings, clay pot caches, cultivation sites, sacred caves and ancient fortresses of the Monomotapa Empire.

In 1998, it was declared a protected area by the local District Council in recognition of its scenic beauty and conservation value. In 2017 it was declared a National Monument by the Government of Zimbabwe due to its historical and cultural importance. Nehanda Radio