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Revealed: Cabinet empowers Zanu-PF to monitor distribution of Pfumvudza inputs

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration empowered the ruling Zanu PF party to monitor the distribution of farming inputs under the Pfumvudza scheme resulting in the partisan allocation that has largely benefitted ruling party supporters.

According to a Grain Marketing Board (GMB) letter seen by Nehanda Radio, dated October 23, the cabinet through the Agriculture Ministry resolved to give Zanu PF powers to monitor distribution of Pfumvudza inputs.

“The cabinet through the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, Fisheries and Rural Development resolved the following resolutions regarding the distribution of Pfumvudza inputs:

“Inputs distribution be monitored at multiple levels including the ruling party to enhance accountability of the programme.

“All beneficiaries to receive input packs by the 15th of November 2021,” read the letter.

This, however, comes at a time when main opposition MDC Alliance members are claiming that they are being snubbed from these inputs because they do not support Zanu PF.

MDC Alliance Secretary General Chalton Hwende on Sunday posted on Twitter that he received information alleging some opposition members were denied access to the inputs by Zanu PF.

“One of the key reforms we are fighting for is the depoliticizing of food aid and the Presidential inputs scheme. I have just received a call from our Seke Rural Ward 2 Cllr. About 150 families have been denied inputs by the @ZANUPF_Official & GMB officials because they are MDC,” he said.

The Zimbabwe Anti-corruption Commission (ZACC) spokesperson Commissioner John Makamure last week released a statement warning some community leaders against irregular distribution of Pfumvudza inputs.

“While the low input sustainable agricultural programme was initiated by Government to increase rural household incomes and boost national food security, it is extremely worrying to note that some unscrupulous leaders tasked with distributing the inputs are engaging in activities that are meant to derail the exercise.

“During the week, ZACC received a very high number of reports on its various reporting platforms, including Twitter, Whatsapp and SMS, from people reporting that there are irregularities in the distribution of the inputs,” he said.

After reading the GMB letter, MDC Alliance Youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen Chuma told Nehanda Radio it was Mnangagwa’s plan to starve dissenting voices.

“The letter from GMB only confirms what we have been saying all along that this regime segregates citizens on political colours. It is clear that the move to delegate Zanu PF officials and activists to monitor inputs is meant to disadvantage opposition members from benefiting.

“We are not surprised however by this partisan culture of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. This is the very same man who is on record wishing death for all opposition members. Maybe now that he occupies the higher office then his plan is to starve all who hold different views to his misrule.

“This also confirms our view that Mnangagwa is anti people. He wants to punish citizens for rejecting him in the 2018 elections,” he said. Nehanda Radio