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Gata brags of ED protection as nephews pocket US$16k salaries at ZESA

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

HARARE- Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA), chief executive officer Sydney Gata has allegedly been gloating he has the protection of President Emmerson Mnangagwa while his recently appointed nephews and cronies are earning hefty USD$ 16 000 monthly salaries each and top of the range cars among huge benefits from the power utility, Nehanda Radio can reveal.

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) executive chairman, Dr Sydney Gata
Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) executive chairman, Dr Sydney Gata

Last year, Gata was embroiled in a brawl with former Energy Minister Fortune Chasi over the management of the power utility which led to the latter being fired over dubious allegations of criminal abuse of office.

Earlier this month Nehanda Radio unearthed that Gata employed his relatives and cronies without following proper procedures prescribed by the power utility

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Gata’s kins Fortune Sambo, Macrone Utah, Engineer Nyachowe and Emmanuel Midzi among other cronies including the likes of George Manyaya and Egen Choga are currently earning hefty salaries and huge benefits necessitated by the retrenchment of employees that did not enjoy the luxury of these benefits.

A reliable source for Nehanda Radio revealed that Gata is actually lobbying for the hiking of ZESA tariffs that will burden ordinary citizens while his relatives and cronies are enjoying hefty salaries and benefits.

“Where on earth have you seen or witnessed the chief executive officer, nephew and uncle being called from home with no procedure or interviews.

“To be allocated a monthly salary of $US 16 000, as if that is not enough just a couple of hours ago they were issued with brand new Prados and Fortuners.

“Gata actually has the audacity to brag that he visited President Emmerson Mnangagwa last weekend and requested for tariff increases to further burden low income earners,” bemoaned the source.

Gata’s kin and kith reemployed at ZESA were top executive officers during the reign of the late former president Robert Mugabe.

“Currently ZESA has about 8 000 employees that are being underpaid at the expense of Gata’s relatives and cronies.

“It is absurd that Gata’s relatives make $US 16 000 per month when the common employees are languishing in poverty.

“Gata when it comes to our salaries he lies that the board is refusing but then how did he gazette these salaries without board approval. Lets smell the coffee guys taneta kuitiswa. Gata is a serious crook. Let’s unite as employees and fight him. Gata is stealing with the first family.

“Gata bragged that the last report by ZACC was poured cold water by HE (Mnangagwa). ZACC wanted him arrested but the President said no. Guys I’m shocked at this level of corruption. He is also protected by Godwin Matanga, his nephew (Commissioner General of Police),” the source said.

Gata re-engaged Sambo and appointed him the company’s Executive Director for Corporate Services.

He also brought back Utah who used to be a technician at the institution and elevated him to the position of Executive Director Operations.

The controversial ZESA boss elevated Engineer Nyachowe, an ex ZESA engineer who is linked to him through Mugabe, to the position of Executive Director Technical Services.

Efforts to get Gata’s responses hit the brickwall as he did not respond to our inquiry. Nehanda Radio