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UK based teacher Beritha Muzondo sees light through breast cancer diagnosis

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

While getting a cancer diagnosis might mean the end of the road for some, United Kingdom based teacher Beritha Muzondo chose to defy the odds through philanthropic work which gave her a ‘purpose’ to hope again.

Beritha Muzondo
Beritha Muzondo

After being diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer Muzondo took it upon herself to make her journey worth celebrating.

Just like any other cancer patient the journey is never easy, it was no different for Beritha who chose to unleash more positive energy to it.

Describing her journey, she said she found, “comfort and strength by putting my thoughts and feelings on paper.”

As seen in most cases the journey gets worse by the day but she did not let that affect her newly found purpose on earth.

While it seemed to be getting worse for her, she decided to venture into philanthropy and formed a women’s organization which has touched the lives of many.

“At the peak of my journey, I faced extreme challenges both physically and emotionally, and founded a charitable organization, Women of Valiance (VOW),” says Beritha.

The organization unites women to ‘motivate and inspire each other while fundraising for the education of disadvantaged children.’

While she has been struggling with her illness behind closed doors Muzondo says “writing and organizing events for VOW gave me a sense of purpose and helped me to endure the pain I was going through. This helped me develop a sense of resilience.”

Her most recently organized event was graced by dancehall star Poptain who wowed the audience with a surprise performance.

Poptain and Berita Muzondo
Poptain and Berita Muzondo

Just like her daily lifestyle with cancer, organizing the VOW ANNUAL LADIES LUNCHEON where she launched her new book was yet another difficult hurdle to overcome.

After a number of cancellations and uncertainties surrounding the event, at the end of the day Muzondo had a beautiful story to tell as there was not enough room to fit in her guests.

“We had over 100 guests, the event was very successful,” said Muzondo.

Surely Beritha is a living testimony that much more can be done regardless of the health condition one if faced with. Nehanda Radio