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There is nothing wrong with being young, Chamisa on ‘immature’ Mnangagwa

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

The main opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has rubbished claims that he is too immature to run the country and attributed the same to his rival, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa
Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zanu PF supporters have always been labeling Chamisa immature since he succeeded the late former MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai in 2018. They accused him of being young and lacking strategy.

In an interview with Heart and Soul on Friday, Chamisa responded saying being young was not a sign of immaturity adding that the old in the ruling party were failing to manage the country.

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He specifically mentioned Mnangagwa as immature for failing to be a ‘statesman’.

“People must not confuse being young with immaturity. You must also know that we have people who are in their 90s but they are immature in dealing with issues. Look at how this country is being managed and governed, is there any sign of maturity?” Chamisa asked.

“When you find a person who refuses to move away from being a party leader to being a national leader. Mr Mnangagwa, be national. Be a statesman, be a father, be a Sheppard. But he chooses to go back to his recess as crocodile in the party.

“We need a crocodile for the nation, he chooses to go back and be a crocodile in the party. That is immaturity. Immaturity is a sign of being unable to bring people together. To move the nation forward.”

Asked if he can provide better leadership than Mnangagwa, Chamisa said, “just give me a chance.

“Don’t be a victim of ageism. There is nothing wrong with being young. All the leaders that are in their 80s, when did they start? Active politics, in their 20s.”

Chamisa and Mnangagwa are expected to face each other for the second time in the upcoming elections. Chamisa was controversially defeated by the Zanu PF leader in 2018, a victory that was only confirmed by the courts following allegations of rigging.

Zanu PF Information Director Tafadzwa Mugwadi yesterday responded to the United States Embassy tweet asking the government to reveal when they are going to hold by-elections which are long overdue and said the ruling party will unleash Taliban-style terror to win the 2023 general election.

“We will do it the Taliban way!! Stay far from our lane or the consequences will be humiliating the Taliban style,” Mugwadi said. Nehanda Radio