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I was cheated by Tsvangirai: ‘Shameless Nyarota slanders a deadman’

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Former journalist, Geoffrey Nyarota claims he was cheated by the late MDC founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai when he lost the party’s primary election in 2013.

Founding editor of the Daily News, Geoffrey Nyarota
Founding editor of the Daily News, Geoffrey Nyarota

Nyarota is best known for the exposing the Willowgate Scandal in 1987, were corrupt cabinet ministers were buying discounted vehicles from the state owned Willowvale Motor Industries and selling them at inflated prices.

Nyarota then ventured into politics in 2013 fighting for a ticket to represent the MDC-T in Makoni South in Manicaland in the general elections that were due at the time. He lost to Pishai Muchauraya.

Nyarota is now claiming that he was not wanted by the MDC-T leadership despite being allowed to contest for the seat. Nyarota claims the leaders then were afraid of him, including Tsvangirai himself, claiming they rigged him.

In an interview with NewsDay publisher Trevor Ncube, Nyarota claimed he was cheated by the leadership of the MDC-T.

“My brief venture into politics culminated in the incident where I was cheated by my own party, the MDC Tsvangirai, the party that I stood for. They cheated me in broad daylight. People cried when they saw what happened that day at the primary elections,” he said.

Ncube asked him: “So are you saying your own party didn’t want you to be their candidate? 

“See, I was wanted in the village, not at Harvest House. That was my predicament.

“The difference here is that the people of Makoni have an honest and sincere evaluation of me. The people at Harvest House have various ways of looking at you. As a rival. Thinking maybe if you win as MP, Tsvangirai will have a soft spot for you. Even Tsvangirai himself, when I look at you you’re scared,” Nyarota said.

In an interview with Nehanda Radio, Pride Mkono, a political activist, accused Nyarota of lying against Tsvangirai, saying the late trade unionist was not involved in elections.

“Tsvangirai was not in charge of elections, his claims are nothing more than slanderous comments of a sore loser. To make him more ignoble, he is slandering a deadman. He should accept that elections have winners and losers and in that election despite his spirited attempt, he lost. Mr. Nyarota should let the dead rest,” he said.

Political and media analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya said Nyarota is a bitter man.

“Geoffrey Nyarota lost a primary election in the MDC in 2013 and got 49 votes. He thinks that the leadership cost him the seat. He is a bitter man and now has unbalanced interviews without full disclosure about the context of his bitterness. He must speak with full disclosure,” Ruhanya said. Nehanda Radio