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I’d like to see Chamisa people chased away from parliament: Komichi

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

MDC-T national chairperson Morgen Komichi says he wants more legislators who belong to Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance recalled from Parliament.

Morgen Komichi
Morgen Komichi

The smaller opposition party has already recalled more than half of the MDC Alliance MPs, senators and councilors accusing them of supporting Chamisa. Through the help of the army, it has also taken MDC Alliance’s properties in Harare and threatened to take its name again.

Addressing members on Sunday on the occasion of MDC’s 22nd anniversary, Komichi pleaded with party leader Douglas Mwonzora to have all remaining supporters of Chamisa recalled from Parliament.

“Don’t take advantage of our goodness. Don’t take advantage of our good-heartedness.

“Come October, Honorable President, and the leadership. I’d like to see people being chased away from parliament; chased away from local government; chased away from local councils; chased away everywhere.

“Whoever is benefiting from this platform and these platforms to sponsor Chamisa’s party, must pack his bags and go home. Way forward, we have actually deliberately put up a committee headed by our secretary of local government.

“This woman is not going to recommend the expulsion of anyone just from her head. She’s traveling the whole country meeting with councilors and MPs. Those that do not take heed, will leave us in October.

The MDC-T said it had set up a committee, headed by the secretary of local government, who is expected to visit all provinces to identify and fire parliamentarians, councilors and others that support Chamisa.

“She’s going to be operational for one month, which is September alone. When 31st September has arrived, she will stay here and the axe will go out.

“Honourable President, I don’t want to see a member of parliament who supports Chamisa, a provincial council who supports Chamisa, local government council who supports Chamisa, and no mayor, no mayor in this country who shall belong to Chamisa. No.

The remaining Parliamentarians who refused to work with Mwonzora include Job Sikhala and Daniel Molokele. Nehanda Radio