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Zanu PF sponsoring Mwonzora to destroy MDC Alliance: Welshman Ncube

MDC Alliance vice president Professor Welshman Ncube has accused MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora of being used by Zanu PF to destroy the main opposition.

Welshman Ncube
Welshman Ncube

In an interview with CITE on the Breakfast Club, on Monday, Prof Ncube said Zanu PF sponsored Mwonzora’s MDC-T party to recall MDC Alliance MPs, senators and councillors.

He also said that the MDC-T was again given the main opposition’s share from the Political Parties Finance Fund.

“It’s been quite tough, let’s remember that the official point of ZANU PF and the military-led government is actually to dismember the MDC Alliance that defeated it in 2018, at least in the presidential election. There have been systematic efforts to dismember MDC.

“They have basically taken our MPs and given them to other political parties. They have taken our properties such as the Harvest House and given them to Douglas Mwonzora. They have taken our money, which we are definitely entitled to.

“There can be no ambiguity about that because the law simply says that a party that wins more than five per cent at an election is entitled to a certain proportion of the political party’s money,” Prof Ncube said.

He added that in the beginning, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government claimed the money belonged to the MDC-T and “they openly brazenly gave it to Mwonzora. Now Mwonzora is trying to reconstitute another party altogether and is still calling it the MDC Alliance.”

Prof Ncube also noted that the government gazette last week had stated that the political party’s money would be paid to the MDC Alliance and ‘this is a new MDC alliance led by Mwonzora, not the MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa which in fact won those votes’.

Through the help of the state, Mwonzora has already taken MDC Alliance’s properties including its headquarters in harare, the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House. Nehanda Radio