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Zanu PF MP arrested for calling First Lady a ‘prostitute’ and gun pointing assault

Zanu PF Headlands MP Christopher Chingosho, who was arrested over allegations of calling First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa a ‘prostitute’ has been slapped with another charge of pointing a gun at Chief Makoni’s wife at her homestead after he was snubbed for an event in his constituency.

Christopher Chingosho
Christopher Chingosho

Chingosho was arrested on Saturday for calling the First Lady a prostitute but has since been slapped with another charge of pointing a gun at the chief’s wife, Redempter Gwasira, demanding to know why he was left out for the event.

Gwasira reported the matter at Rusape Rolice Station but she refused to comment further after confirming the fallout.

“Yes, this happened, but I am not in a position to comment on the matter since I gave my statement to the police, please don’t put me in a corner,” she said.

This followed a visit by the First Lady to Rusape where she was promoting her Nharire yeMusha programme which seeks to empower women.

A NewsDay source confirmed Chingosho demanded to confront the First Lady but the chief’s aides blocked him resulting in him calling names.

“Just after the First Lady had left Chief Makoni’s compound where there was a traditional customs function and a cookout competition, Chief Makumbe (Buhera) and Chief Makoni remained behind for a meeting and, Chingosho arrived with his aides, demanding to enter the chief’s compound since he wanted to confront the First Lady on why he had not been invited to the event, but the chief’s aides refused to let him in,” a source who witnessed the incident said.

“This was when Chingosho got out of the car and pulled a gun, calling Chief Makoni’s wife a whore and Gwasira immediately phoned the First Lady and told her that after she left Chingosho had harassed her,” the source added.

“The First Lady reportedly requested Chingosho’s mobile phone number and was given. She then introduced herself, but Chingosho started hurling insults to her over the phone. A team of security agents was then dispatched, leading to Chingosho’s arrest,” the source said.