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We were paid to terrorise people during elections, war veterans now admit

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

War veterans who feel betrayed by the current government have for the first time admitted to being paid by Zanu PF in the past to terrorise perceived opposition voters during elections. 

Liberation Veterans Pressure Group (LVPG) chairman Amos Sigauke
Liberation Veterans Pressure Group (LVPG) chairman Amos Sigauke

Addressing journalists in Harare on Monday, Liberation Veterans Pressure Group (LVPG) chairman Amos Sigauke said some of their colleagues have always been heightening fears that the ruling Zanu PF would unleash state violence to coerce the electorate to ensure Zanu PF wins elections.

The LVPG is a pressure group of war veterans who are disgruntled by government failure to support them.

“Lastly but certainly not the least allow us to apologise on behalf of the generality of war veterans for the trauma inflicted on the people during pastimes of elections in our name.

“The truth of the matter is that a few elements within us were paid and used to terrify people in our name. We are above partisan politics as we fought to liberate every citizen regardless of their political inclination,” he said.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Sigauke said President Emmerson Mnangagwa was ignoring their grievances but kept on wanting to engage them.

The war veterans are also crying foul claiming they are being paid RTGS 16 000 (less than US$170).

“We hear from the media that his Excellency the President wishes to meet us (he shakes his head in disbelief) to hear our grievances.

“We hope this is not another grandstanding sideshow because we have submitted our grievances to his office many times and we have actually met him before.

“He congregated us at the City Sports Centre and we gave him our grievances. We even wrote documents and gave them to him.

“There is nothing new to tell him unless of course he will be coming to tell us answers to our grievances. He has acknowledged on numerous occasions that indeed the government has abandoned us for the past 41 years and his new dispensation is working hard to redress this by announcing various projects for us.

‘We would want to inform him that what is trickling down to every war veteran is the RTGS 16 000 and nothing more.

The war veterans have always been on the political scene, after leading the invasion of white farms in 2000 soon after the late former president Robert Mugabe lost a referendum on a new constitution. Nehanda Radio