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FC Talen Vision get brand new luxury coach

By Mehluli Sibanda

When action eventually resumes in the Zimbabwe Football Association Southern Region side, FC Talen Vision will be arriving at matches in style after the club took delivery of their brand-new luxury coach imported from China.

FC Talen Vision's new luxury coach
FC Talen Vision’s new luxury coach

The 45-seater spanking new Asiastar bus comes with inclining leather seats, air condition, WIFI, water dispenser, fridge, two television sets and coffee maker. Last Tuesday, the 245-horse powered bus was taken to Filabusi to be seen by the FC Talen Vision sponsors before it was brought back to Bulawayo where there are some registration processes to be concluded.

Manufactured at the end of 2019, the bus took time to arrive in Zimbabwe because of the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, which saw the Asian country impose a lockdown at the beginning of last year. It eventually arrived in Bulawayo on 13 August.

An FC Talen Vision high ranking official confirmed that their bus is now in the country.

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“We can confirm that our bus is now in the country. It’s a 45-seater luxury coach, at the moment its in Bulawayo for completion of the registration processes. It did make a trip to Filabusi just for a day before it went back to Bulawayo,’’ said the official.

He lamented the continued suspension of local football, with no action at all in Division One for almost two years now, which he said makes it difficult for them to convince their sponsors to keep on supporting the club financially.

“As you can see, we had invested a lot in anticipation for the resumption of football but there is still no activity up to now. It makes it difficult for us for us to convince our sponsors to keep on funding us when there is no football,’’ he said.

FC Talen Vision recently imposed a temporary suspension of contracts for players and coaches after their main sponsors, Trukumb Mine decided that they could no longer continue funding the club when there is no football. The players and coaches were however not left out in the open as they have been offered employment in Talen Vision community projects in Filabusi and Esigodini.

Mkhululi Mthunzi, the FC Talen Vision general manager said their luxury coach meets Confederation of African Football requirements for transport national teams. For that reason, Mthunzi indicated that they will not dither to avail their wheels to the national teams.

“Our new bus meets Caf specifications, we will not hesitate to avail it for national teams, it’s not ours alone, it’s for us as a football family, if needs arises, it will transport national teams as we have done in the past. Its part of our social responsibility,’’ Mthunzi said.

FC Talen Vision have in the past had a bus availed to them by their sponsors used by national teams in Bulawayo whenever there was any request from Zifa. The Sunday News