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Anita Jaxson: “Social media is very toxic, I’m sick of the bullying”

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Fast rising musician Anita Jaxson is the latest celebrity to suffer cyber bullying in Zimbabwe and she says she is ‘sick’ of it.

Anita Jaxson
Anita Jaxson

The young songstress took to twitter on Tuesday morning revealing that she is being bullied on social media.

The ‘High On Your Love’ singer posted on her official twitter account saying, “Social media is very toxic. I’m sick of the bullying.”

Some of her fans were quick to give her words of encouragement while some trolls continued with the bullying saying social media is for people with ‘strong hearts.’

Twitter user Munashe encouraged her saying, “just focus on the positive replies if you have to respond, respond to those. If you give attention to negative vibes you give them more energy to sustain themselves. They thrive on attention, remember how Pokello turned her critics around.”

“Haha yes you thought social media was your friend or your grandmother’s compound. We are toxic here enda unofa,” commented Simbarashe Makwati.

Mai Gaffa said, “Social media haidi kuyema sisi, zvinotoda chigafa. Unotukwa nemunhu anoshandisa charger yekatsono pano. People have double standards. Saka if you can’t beat them join them.”

Contacted for a comment Anita Jaxson was unreachable.

Elsewhere, South African based actress and film director Chi Mhende also opened up about being a victim of identity theft and cyber bullying saying the Covid-19 lockdowns have brought so much misuse of the internet.

“In my years on this great earth, I have had the divine privilege of making and sharing art, through the use of my voice, my body and my heart. I love my work but recently it has led me to being a victim of cyberbullying and identity theft!

“The consequences of the various lockdowns have made the internet our nearest and dearest friend, but like all relationships, it is our responsibility to discern the role of said friend in our lives.

“Is this friendship here to teach, heal, express positive light, is it staying close to bring out the worst of yourself?” she said in a statement. Nehanda Radio