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‘Mnangagwa is isolated from people, he is author of their problems’- Sikhala

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Opposition MDC Alliance vice chairman Job Sikhala has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa “is isolated from the people because he is the author of all their problems”.

Job Sikhala and Emmerson Mnangagwa
Job Sikhala and Emmerson Mnangagwa

This comes after expelled former Zanu PF youth leader Godfrey Tsenengamu said that if the main opposition MDC Alliance continues to refuse to join the controversial Political Actors Dialogue (Polad), it risks being isolated from the people.

But Sikhala took to Twitter to say that it was Mnangagwa who was isolated from the people. Polad was created by Mnangagwa after he won the disputed 2028 elections. The MDC Alliance and its leader Nelson Chamisa refused to join it because they claim that the Zanu PF leader rigged his way to win.

“We are not isolated. It is rather Mnangagwa who is isolated from the people. People don’t like him. Rather they hate him as the author of all their problems,” Sikhala said.

“Let those who enjoy association with Mnangagwa do it without minding our business. Those in Polad are finished,” he said.

Mnangagwa is under-fire for donating state of the art vehicles to 19 members of Polad who represent small parties that did not get at least 4% votes in the last election.

Sikhala demanded to know where the money came from.

“As a nation we want to know where the money that bought the Polad vehicles was drawn from.

“There was no such appropriation in the last national budget. So can Mnangagwa tell us where he got the money he used to buy those vehicles from. We want full answers otherwise we will raise dust,” Sikhala demanded.

Addressing journalists on Tuesday, NCA leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku who is also a beneficiary of Polad cars said his party will be lobbying for more cars.

“Mnangagwa did not hand over any vehicle. He does not own any vehicle. The vehicles that we have and the vehicles that we are using are government vehicles and we believe that the majority of Zimbabweans support that initiative.

“Unless someone carries a referendum that says Polad people must not use government vehicles. We will be campaigning for more vehicles for our party because one vehicle is not enough.

“It’s going to be used by the President. I’m the one who will be driving the vehicle. We will be expecting a minimum of three,” Madhuku said. Nehanda Radio