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IT guru (15) designs website for textbooks, software for school admin

By Melinda Ncube

A 15-year-old Bulawayo student from St Columbus High School has created a website and software to bridge the digital divide and reiterate the importance of developing local content in cyberspace.

Nhlanhla Ngwenya
Nhlanhla Ngwenya

Due to Covid-19 and learning having been adversely affected, a 15-year-old student doing Form Three, Nhlanhla Ngwenya has created a website with school resources like textbooks and past examination papers that can be downloaded and accessed offline.

He has uploaded resources of five subjects, mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and geography and he is looking forward to upload more textbooks and examination question and answer books.

“Due to Covid-19 learning has been difficult for us as students and I also noticed that the pass rate has been declining. This is why I created this website so that students are able to access textbooks and study while at home. I am still working on uploading resources for students at primary schools,” said Ngwenya.

Ngwenya has also created a data management software with his friend Tawona Tsikira, after observing challenges that teachers and the administration staff encounter in terms of recording data of the students. The data management software seeks to assist teachers in recording marks and marking the register using digital devices. It also keeps track on students who have paid fees and those who might have not paid.

“I figured out the software will be an essential need to the schools, reason being hardships faced by the administration and teachers in keeping and accessing data for the students. This software will lessen the burden as it will automatically keep all the details of students, marks, register and fees payment and headmasters will no longer go through fees booklets to have access to those who have not paid fees. However, I have not approached my school about my software because of the pandemic and I am looking forward to do so when schools open,” he said.

He has also created an information management software for Non-Governmental Organisations called Dataman so that people can collect information offline using android devices, then upload when online and this would be useful in Zimbabwe since some rural areas do not have access to internet services. The application will analyse data from a central server and enable organisations to store data for their researches and activities. Dataman can also be relevant to Government departments like Zimstat.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are already experiencing the profound change that new technologies bring to the way we live, work, learn, interact and do business, and the future is bright for those who take heed of this call of digitalisation,” said Mr Melusi Ngwenya, the student’s father.

He said the website can be accessed on: website http://njweb.42web.io. The Sunday News