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Over 800 people arrested in Bulawayo for Covid-19 violations

By Bongani Ndlovu

At least 800 people have been arrested in Bulawayo for various Covid-19 violations over the weekend, with some being found drinking at shebeens and others not wearing face masks.

Police round up people accused of violating the lockdown in Zimbabwe
Police round up people accused of violating the lockdown in Zimbabwe

Bulawayo Police provincial spokesperson, Inspector Abedinico Ncube said they are holding an operation that targets shebeens around the city.

Over the weekend, some nightspots around Bulawayo were shut down by police. Nightclubs and bars remain closed due to Covid-19 regulations that were put in place last year, to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Due to their closure, shebeens have sprouted around the city, in high density and even in affluent suburbs as revellers look for places with music and alcohol.

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“We have arrested around 800 people, but since the operation started there are over 2 000 people who have been nabbed. Most people aren’t using face masks and violating lockdown regulations, while others are being arrested at shebeens. We are carrying out raids at shebeens. I call on people to comply and stay safe,” said Insp Ncube.

He said if a person is found operating a shebeen they will be arrested and taken to court.

Insp Ncube discouraged people from consuming alcohol in their cars, outside bottle stores.

“People shouldn’t buy beer at bottle stores and then drink from inside their cars. This happens especially over weekends where people patronise these places and drink their alcohol in groups. That is not allowed,” said Insp Ncube.

He commended the public for providing police with information about illegal activities happening in their communities.

“We would like to appreciate the members of the public because they phone us if they see anything illegal happening, they call the police. Whilst we are getting calls from the members of the public, they should also assist us by desisting from being part of that group,” said Insp Ncube. The Chronicle