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Greatman features in Tawonga’s new video

By Talent Bope

Upcoming gospel artiste Prince Tawonga has collaborated with Greatman Gwaze in an amazing video song titled “Ndauya Ndega”, with a combination of audio-visual and sign language.

Prince Tawonga (left) and Greatman Gwaze
Prince Tawonga (left) and Greatman Gwaze

In an interview, Tawonga said collaborating with Greatman was of utmost importance to him in terms of boosting his fans since he was still at infancy stages in the musical industry.

Tawonga said Greatman had a lot of fans owing to his reputation of big collaborations with veteran musicians, adding he would gain more experience apart from booming his fame.

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“We realised that Greatman has got fans since he is not an amateur in the music industry,” he said.

“He collaborated with a lot of renowned musicians by so doing he has a lot of fans. This prompted us to approach him for a collaboration with the idea that his fans and our few fans would also begin to support us, thereby generating a lot of fans.

“The reason why I chose Greatman is because he is very determined, unlike other people who are living with disability, he is a man who reflects that disability is not inability..

“He is someone who can encourage other people living with disability to do other projects that can help them to be self-sufficient.

“We want also to urge those who are in the same situation like Greatman not to look down upon themselves, they should discover their strength and earn a living from that angle.”

Tawonga said he was planning a collaboration with Freddy Manjalima, affectionately known as Kapfupi.

“We are looking forward to a lot of collaborations, and plans are at an advanced stage to have another video that will feature Freddy Manjalima aka Kapfupi,” he said.

“We have also chosen Kapfupi because he is someone who is multi-talented and has attracted a lot of youths through comedies and music. His experience can help us to become stronger in the music industry.”

The video, which is expected to hit on all online platforms soon, is a confession to God by someone who has been involved in various abominable practices.

They would have made up their mind to confess all the sins to God and become a born again Christian.

“Currently, we are uploading our music on Prince Tawonga Facebook page and very soon the video be on all online platforms,” said Tawonga.

“As upcoming artistes, we have a lot of challenges which includes financial challenges since it is a burden for us as new beginners in the music industry to secure finances for video shoot and all the expenses, it’s a serious burden.”

The video was shot and edited by Takudzwa Hove Mapembure’s Naxo Films in Budiriro, who is a veteran in the industry and has done a lot of hit songs for musicians like Jah Prayzah, Tocky Vibes, among others.

Greatman said he appreciates working with upcoming artistes.

“I understand that there are people with talents which need exposure, but for them to be known might take a lot of time,” he said.

“This is the reason why I welcomed them as upcoming artistes, they can bring in new ideas and skills in the system. The Herald