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Roki bounces back with a bang… smashes YouTube record for a Zim artist

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Urban grooves artist Rockford Josphat also known as Roki has officially marked his spot in the showbiz industry after he ‘miraculously’ broke the YouTube record for Zimbabwean artists by being the first musician to get 1.2 million views in the space of four days.


Roki, a musician with a troubled past has this time around rose to the ranks with his two hit songs, Uchandifunga and Zvazviri both released under Passion Java records.

The 35-year-old musician told Nehanda Radio that he is back and ‘here to stay’ and that he has ‘a lot of hits packed up.’

Roki released the song last week after a long hiatus from the music industry. The song proved to be good and became an instant hit.

As much as the song is good, the instant rise to a million views got tongues wagging and many people suspecting that the views could have been sponsored.

“I watched the song three hours ago and it had 208 000 views. Then hours later, boom! Guy has a million plus views. There’s no such magic!” said one user.

Quizzed about the ‘magical’ views Roki said he was not in the right space to comment because he has been working all night.

“Eish I don’t know my guy… right now I am from the studio been working all night we are working that’s all I can tell you. I will put you through someone from Passion Java records whom you can talk to,” he said.

Meanwhile Jah Prayzah’s song murder has also broken the 24 hour record after it hit over 281 000 views in 24 hours surpassing the previous record with over 100 000 views.

He celebrated his milestone through a Facebook post saying, “It’s now exactly 24 hours since the release of murder and it has performed way better than my previous best project by over 100 000 views and that is all thanks to you Team JP.” Nehanda Radio