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PSL clubs count losses after latest ban

By Terry Madyauta

Premier Soccer League clubs have been left counting heavy losses after the latest ban on all sports activities resulted in yet another suspension of the Chibuku Super Cup following the spike in Covid-19 cases countrywide.

Joey Antipas
Joey Antipas

The latest ban, announced late on Friday, came when teams who were set to play had already been bracing for this weekend’s action.

Chicken Inn coach Joey Antipas opined that the Sports and Recreation Commission should have announced the new ban rather earlier before clubs had incurred camping and Covid-19 testing costs.

“We had just reported for camp at 1pm soon after recording a clean bill of health when we did the Covid-19 tests,” Antipas said.

“Everyone was ready to play, but we were surprised to hear news of the ban,” Antipas said.

“For me, the timing was bad. They could have done better by informing us earlier before we incurred the costs of testing because it’s expensive for clubs.

“There is some lack of seriousness because it was clear that cases were rising in the country.

“Without a doubt, Covid-19 is there and it’s very serious. Early decisions would have done our clubs better because some are actually struggling.

“It’s disappointing and painful for us all, but it’s a situation which we have to endure and hope for the best in the future.”

Manica Diamonds gaffer Johannes Nhumwa said they had no option but to comply.

“The world over football is being played without so much pressure. Maybe there is need to re-look some aspects, some areas of playing during the Covid-19 era so that the bans are lessened because they kill the rhythm and flow of everything.

“It’s very expensive, but clubs are working tirelessly to ensure that we have everything. But it is what it is, we have to follow although we are now disadvantaged by the whole situation.

“Football is business, but to be honest our business has been very much affected with reckless abandon,” Nhumwa said.

Undoubtedly, the latest ban left clubs counting losses, after most of them had already conducted Covid-19 tests which are expensive except in government hospitals. The Standard