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‘We don’t know you,” Ti Gonzi tells Comic Pastor, gets FUNNY hitback

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Hip Hop artist Ti Gonzi has called out on Comic Pastor to put some respect on his name or else he will ‘go Hip Hop on’ him. But the comedian hit back with his own brand of humour captioning a picture of himself; “Me thinking 🤔 ndomupindura here kana kuti ndomutengera Sipo.”

Ti Gonzi and Comic Pastor
Ti Gonzi and Comic Pastor

Ti Gonzi told Comic Pastor that he should not talk about him and is not even required to love him because he doesn’t not talk about him as well but if he does that he will lose respect for him.

“Tell dzinozviti Comic Pastor kuti hanzi na Ti Gonzi, ‘you don’t have to love me, you don’t even have to like me but you will respect me. If not, I will lose respect for you too.

“We don’t know you, we don’t talk about you. I don’t think you will like it when I talk about you, however, this is Hip Hop and we will go Hip Hop on you,” said Gonzi.

Responding to Ti Gonzi’s plight, Comic Pastor initially swallowed his pride and commented on the post saying ‘Sorry.’ He later hit back with another Facebook post captioned; “Me thinking 🤔 ndomupindura here kana kuti ndomutengera Sipo.”

(Translated: Should I answer him or buy him soap for him to bath).

This “beef” comes after Comic Pastor switched to music and released a Hip Hop song titled Haina Mambo. In his track he attacks leading Hip Hop artists in the country. He attacked musicians such as Holy Ten, Mudiwa Hood, Stunner and Kikky Bada$$. He said he only respected Maskiri.

After the release of the song, Mudiwa and Comic Pastor clashed on social media as Mudiwa said he was not bothered with getting a million views on YouTube but was all about securing a million dollars.