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Man jailed 9 months for defending girlfriend

By Lingani Nyika

A Victoria Falls man who beat up a stranger who had touched the backside of his girlfriend in public, has been sentenced to nine months in jail for assault.

File picture of an empty prison cell
File picture of an empty prison cell

While the alleged sex attacker Mbekezeli Mpofu got what he literally asked for after a thorough beating, the same cannot be said for Bornwell Sibanda who will serve an effective nine months for the offence he committed while protecting his girlfriend.

Sibanda and his girlfriend – who was not named in court – were walking along a street in central Victoria Falls when they met Mpofu, who suddenly spanked the woman on her backside.

This angered, Sibanda who pounced Mpofu and slapped him once on the face, before punching and kicking him on the mouth and stomach.

Sibanda pleaded guilty to assault when he appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Ms Linda Dzvene, who then jailed him nine months for the crime.

Nothing was suspended from the sentence.

Prosecuting, Mr Asher Chindedza said the incident occurred on April 4 at around 1pm.

Angered by Mpofu’s behaviour, Sibanda beat up Mpofu, accusing him of sexually harassing his girlfriend.

“On April 4, 2021 around 1PM, Bornwell Sibanda was moving around with his girlfriend when the complainant tapped the accused person’s girlfriend on the buttocks.

“This did not go down well with the accused person who started beating the complainant,” said Mr Chindedza.

An injured Mpofu was taken to Victoria Falls Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

He sustained a swollen eye and swollen lower lip.

Sibanda was arrested following a police report. The Chronicle