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Zesa disconnects NRZ properties over debt

By Rejoice Ncube/Silas Nkala

National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) properties in Hwange had power disconnected yesterday by the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) over an undisclosed amount owed by the parastatal.

Hwange Colliery
Hwange Colliery

Greater Hwange Residents Trust co-ordinator Fidelis Chima yesterday said members of the association, who are tenants at the NRZ properties in Ngumija high-density suburbs in the mining town, had been plunged into darkness after the power cuts.

“We heard that ZETDC has disconnected all railway properties. NRZ has been collecting money from residents and not remitting it to Zesa,” Chima said.

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Zesa’s acting western region general manager Lloyd Jaji confirmed the disconnections although he refused to be drawn into disclosing the amount owed by the NRZ.

“The power supply will remain cut unless they pay or come up with a payment plan. We wanted to shut down Zesa from all the people who owe us so that people refrain from not paying their electricity bills. However, because we are very low on transport we are doing it bit by bit,” Jaji said.

He said Gwanda also did not have water due to shutdown of water supplies after it failed to settle its electricity debt.

“Therefore, we urge residents to come up with payment plans and pay their electricity bills.”

NRZ spokesperson Nyasha Maravanyika declined to comment, demanding proof that NRZ owed the power utility.

“Where is the evidence that NRZ owes Zesa? I will not comment unless you show me the documents,” Maravanyika said. News Day