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Land barons invade Chitown farm

By Ivan Zhakata and Faith Katete

Land barons have invaded Longlands Farm in Chitungwiza and are illegally dividing the farm into residential stands for sale without putting in any services such as proper roads, water pipes and sewers.

File picture of Houses in Chitungwiza Unit A
File picture of Houses in Chitungwiza Unit A (Picture by NewsDay)

Unauthorised road demarcation, basically just saying strips of veldt are roads, and pegging of stands is underway on the farm much to the anger of Chitungwiza Municipality.

The municipality has expressed concern over the invasion and has warned land barons to stop operations forthwith or risk being prosecuted.

Chitungwiza acting town clerk Mrs Evangelista Machona said the stands were not legit and warned members of the public to be wary of these land barons.

“It has come to our attention that some land barons have invaded lot 1 of Longlands Farm in Nyatsime area, where they are illegally doing preparatory works to open roads outside the Joint Management Committee’s mandate with the intention to sell stands,” she said.

“Members of the public are being warned to be wary of these land barons. The record must be set straight that it is council’s duty to oversee the issues of land management in the mentioned area. Any developments that are being carried out are illegal and those involved in such acts of insubordination of council’s warnings, are advised to stop forthwith.

“It is against the law for any individual to masquerade as a council or Government official and embark on land identification and parcelling out land without permission to do so. You should be reminded that anyone caught will face full wrath of the law. Again, members of the public are advised to desist from purchasing stands from illegal developers and land barons before they lose their hard earned cash.”

Mrs Machona said to buy a stand or property on public land, one has to go through council. Any houses or other structures that are being constructed illegally are not going to be recognised and at the end shall face demolition.

“Chitungwiza Municipality would like to reiterate that it is not selling or allocating any stands in Nyatsime and has very deployed its workforce or engaged any company to represent it in the current developments. It should also be noted that, any illegal developments will not be spared. Please note “forwarned is forarmed”, Mrs Machona said. The Herald