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Mai Titi exposes alleged sexual exploitation in BJB films while she’s accused of assaulting cast members

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

The fight between local comedian Mai Titi and film production company Billy Jeremiah Brown (BJB Films) has gotten nasty after Mai Titi accused the producers of sleeping with female employees while the company counter exposed her for fighting with every cast member.

Mai Titi on the set of the movie ‘A life to Regret’ and bottom right with African music legend Awilo Longomba
Mai Titi on the set of the movie ‘A life to Regret’ and bottom right with African music legend Awilo Longomba

This comes after the company released a statement claiming they were terminating Mai Titi’s role from the film due to unprofessionalism during the production of the movie in Tanzania.

In a live video interview Mai Titi real name Felistas Murata accused Leo (the owner of BJB films) of sexually exploiting women for roles and pictures with Congolese rumba star Awilo Longomba.

“I can tell you, BJB would f**k girls… Almost every girl in that cast was exchanged by Awilo and BJB. I can tell you how women were used just to get a picture with Awilo and to get auditions,” Mai Titi claimed.

She continued saying one of the ladies who came from England would even brag about sleeping with Awilo.

“The girl came in later and spent a night at a hotel with Awilo. She was bragging about sleeping with Awilo and as a woman I said who else in this room didn’t sleep with Awilo? Who else didn’t sleep with BJB? That’s when the war started,” she added.

Responding to Mai Titi’s claims in a Live Facebook interview with ZimEye, BJB films accused Mai Titi of causing fights with other cast members and failing to read her script as expected.

“The movie was too big for Mai Titi, she could not even read her script very well. I was surprised that Mai Titi didn’t know how to read the script considering we had given them three months to go through it.

“Shooting her scenes would take forever we would redo them over and over again and it was costing us because we were not using cheap equipment, the production was expensive,” he said.

Addressing issues on what was the breaking point for them to boot the comedian out of the production, Leo said Mai Titi was causing more trouble than progress.

“There’s a lot of issues that happened with Mai Titi she was fighting with other cast members always shouting and quarreling with people. At times she would insult cast members saying they were poor than her saying ‘put your bank account here and I put mine.’

“She would physically attack people for no reason. She attacked one actress two times and at one point we thought maybe she was bipolar. She also attacked an actress from England by throwing flower vases at her. She made her feel uncomfortable, for the sake of peace I called for a meeting with all cast members and, moved the actress to another hotel,” he said.

He added that Mai Titi would bring in her relationship problems during production and at one point left Tanzania in the middle of production, saying she was going to South Africa to look for Mr Obina.

“She even left Tanzania for a week going to South Africa to hunt for her man whom she says he stole R100 000 (US$ 7068) from her. I offered to pay her the money because I knew we were making more from the film but she declined and decided to go to South Africa,” he added. Nehanda Radio