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Corruption accused Nguwaya appointed into AAG executive by Chiyangwa

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Despite facing charges of using fake papers to win a US$60 million government tender to supply Covid-19 material, dodgy businessman Delish Nguwaya, has been appointed into the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) executive by founding president Phillip Chiyangwa.

Drax International representative Delish Nguwaya seen here with First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and in other pictures with Mnangagwa's son Collins
Drax International representative Delish Nguwaya seen here with First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and in other pictures with Mnangagwa’s son Collins

In a statement AAG founding president Chiyangwa said, Nguwaya, the Drax International’s local representative will be a consulting advisor to the organisation’s presidium responsible for security.

“I hereby appoint you as the AAG national executive council member responsible for security with immediate effect, to serve from May 2021 to 2025,” Chiyangwa said.

Chiyangwa added, Nguwaya is mandated to defend, “whatever gains may have accrued to the disadvantaged groups against the more perverse effects of the unfettered workings of market forces, especially given the weaknesses in the public social support systems.

“Thus (he) will actively defend the rights of all disadvantaged persons or groups to unfair and unjust treatment at the hands of institutions that draw their strength or profit from the operation of democratic and popular based governance in Zimbabwe.

AAG claims its objectives are to mobilise and exert pressure for the elimination of all barriers that hinder the participation of blacks, women, the disabled and youths as asset owners and asset managers in all sectors of the economy.

Nguwaya was arrested in June last year and is accused of lying to the government that his company was a medical firm in a bid to be awarded tenders for Covid-19 medical supplies to the Health Ministry using his shadowy companies Drax SAGL and Drax International.

The State alleges Nguwaya lied to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government that Drax was based in Switzerland, but it was only a consulting company with no experience in the manufacturing of medicines.

Acting on this misrepresentation, Health Minister Obadiah Moyo authorised a US$2 million medicine supply deal through Natpharm without the company following recommended procedures.

Under pressure from negative press reports on the saga, Mnangagwa was forced to sack Moyo as Health Minister. He is out of jail on ZLW 50 000 bail.

Nguwaya allegedly did the same using Drax International and won a supply deal worth US$40 million. When he attended court for routine on Friday, the state could not provide a trial date, prompting him to apply for removal from remand

The Covidgate scandal implicated Mnangagwa’s wife Auxilia and his son Collins. Nguwaya is reportedly a friend of the First Family and several pictures of them together have surfaced.

The case led to the arrest of an investigative journalist who exposed the scandal, Hopewell Chin’ono, who spent 45 days at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison on trumped up charges of inciting public violence in connection with 31st July protests against corruption.

Commenting on the appointment of Nguwaya into the AAG, Chin’ono said:

“Zimbabweans are being laughed at by the looters! The man and face behind the looting of Covid-19 public funds Delish Nguwaya has been appointed into the crooked Affirmative Action Group which also includes people like Passion Java! “It is a looters paradise.” Nehanda Radio