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The return of lockdown series, Wadiwa Wepa Moyo

By Mthabisi Tshuma

The ultimate lockdown series, Wadiwa Wepa Moyo, which was a hit among audiences last year will soon be back on screens as its production is set to commence in the coming months.

Wadiwa Wepa Moyo
Wadiwa Wepa Moyo

Loved by many for its originality, the series that showcased love stories, struggles and dreams of teenagers in the ghetto was embraced as it entertained many during the initial Covid-19 lockdown last year.

As the whole country was under a very strict lockdown, some popular regional and international TV shows started running out of content, leaving locals in great need of new content.

Wadiwa Wepa Moyo managed to cover this gap well, but for a short while as it only had one season with 10 episodes which most completed watching within a week.

After enjoying the first season, people started pleading with the series’ producers to record more seasons, but since they were also under lockdown with their cast at different locations, there was nothing they could do.

But now, producers, College Central, are ready to start shooting the second season.

The series production manager, Kudakwashe Jani said the long wait will soon be over and promised fans a thrilling second season that will retain the initial cast and have a lot of new additions.

“We’re going to start shooting Season Two soon. I can’t share the dates at the moment as we want to keep the element of surprise among our viewers who’ve been waiting for the second season impatiently.

“The location is still the same (Harare) and the fans can expect a fun-filled series that could turn into an emotional roller-coaster,” said Jani.

“They should also expect some new characters and their favourites from last season.”

Jani said Season Two is likely to hit the small screens before year-end. The audience will take off from Season One’s finale that was an emotional one as it left some in tears after new revelations were made, leaving viewers wanting more from the College Central production.

For many, the 10th and final episode was an emotional one that left some in tears. Among those who left viewers in tears were the ever-smiling, comical crowd favourite, Biko (Dillion Mafukidze), who shed tears after he was informed at the last hour, by his best friend — Man Tawa (Everson Chieza) — that he would not be travelling to Bulawayo with him to join a football club there.

During the series, Biko, who doubled up as Man Tawa’s football manager had been very supportive of his friend, so the news that he was no longer going to be part of his friend’s football career broke him.

Sister to Man Tawa, Sis Shami (Monalisa Tendere), a holy soul, was also left shattered after learning that her baby daddy whom she had hoped had changed for the better, was no longer coming to visit her and their child after she had gone to lengths preparing for his visit — even getting a new hairdo.

Mai Noku (Lee McHoney) on the other hand, finally gathered the courage to ask her husband if he was having an affair with a lady named Mercy and wow, she got more than she bargained for as he went on to tell her that he, in fact, wanted a divorce.

She could not help but cry in front of her daughter, Noku (Tadiwa Bopoto) who had her own drama going on as she had a tough decision to make of choosing to pursue her relationship with an old flame Tendai (Albert Chigiya) or continue with her new-found love Man Tawa. The Chronicle