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Man kills wife over orange juice

By Paul Pindani

A fight over orange juice and biscuits between a couple ended in tragedy for a Chinhoyi woman, who was stabbed to death, last Thursday.

The woman, Faith Mhlanga (36) of 8570 Ruvimbo Phase 1, Chinhoyi died after her lover Nelson Nhunge (55) stabbed her several times on the neck and chest.

According to sources, the couple had been cohabiting as husband and wife for the past 15 years.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson, Inspector Magaret Chitove told H-Metro that the horrific incident happened on March 25 at around 11am.

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On the day in question, Nhunge requested for a drink and some biscuits from the now deceased Mhlanga, who refused arguing hubby was not providing food for the family.

This angered Nhunge resulting in an altercation.

Said Chitove, “Nhunge in a moment of madness, struck his wife with a pot on her left eye, resulting in its handle breaking. He went to another room before returning armed with a knife.

The deceased…Faith Mhlanga
The deceased…Faith Mhlanga

“Nhunge closed windows and locked the door from inside and continued assaulting Mhlanga. He stabbed her several times on the neck and chest resulting in her instant death.”

A neighbour Rangai Hunda informed police who attended to the scene leading to Nhunge’s arrest.

A relative to the now deceased told H-Metro she rushed to the murder scene after her neighbours alerted her.

“When l got to the scene l saw Amai Ashley lying dead with stab wounds on her body. I enquired what had led to her killing and some neighbours said it was a row over cool drink meant for their school-going kids.”

Nelson Nhunge
Nelson Nhunge

A vegetable vendor, who had earlier on talked to Mhlanga, said that she was given $50 bond by the now deceased to buy her some mixed vegetables at the market.

Upon her return, the two had a brief conversation before the now deceased went into her house.

Momentarily, there was rancor as the couple started to fight with Mhlanga screaming for help, narrated the vendor.

Nhunge then came out of the house with a blood-stained T-shirt, prompting fellow neighbours to panic.

Further narrated the vendor, “He looked menacing as he threatened anyone who dared come to his house. We never imagined he had killed his wife.”

Police urged members of the public to desist from violence in trying to solve domestic disputes.

“We continue to urge members of the public to observe the sanctity of life and to find better ways of solving disputes amicably. They must desist from engaging in violent behaviour so as to avoid loss of life,” said the police spokesperson. H-Metro