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UK based gospel star Jane Doka declares blessings into 2021

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

In the midst of all the negativity surrounding the world, United Kingdom-based gospel musician Jane Doka has declared that 2021 will be a year of blessings.

UK based gospel star Jane Doka declares blessings into 2021
UK based gospel star Jane Doka declares blessings into 2021

The 38-year-old multi-award winning gospel star who is set to release her “Gore Remakomborero’ single on 29 March has called on people to “practice their faith for God is about to do wonders.”

“After seeing all the challenges people are going through across the world. I, like many others, turned to God for answers… I felt that the call is for us to walk by faith and not by sight. Never have we needed faith more than now,” she said.

Speaking about the message behind her song, Doka says as much as it seems like the situation is getting tougher, God’s blessings are still sufficient for all and ‘we just have to make the declaration.’

“Gore Remakomborero is a declaration of faith where we are confessing that this very year which looks like doom and gloom is a year of blessings. That is the language of faith and I am calling on us all to collectively declare it,” she told Nehanda Radio.

The song Gore Remakombero is one of many songs in her upcoming project titled Faith Project. Doka says the project is all about teaching about faith and ‘how Jesus Christ is the center of our lives.’

She also revealed that the project will feature some of the best gospel sensations in Zimbabwe and beyond but could not mention names for now.

“As for my upcoming project I do have some collaborations lined up from within Zimbabwe and beyond. I will be announcing them soon,” said Doka.

Doka has so far released four mega projects since joining the music industry in 2008. Faith Project will be her fifth.

Apart from being a musician Doka is many things, she’s an entrepreneur and a philanthropist with a charity organization in the UK which helps re-integrate Black and ethnic minority youths who have been to prison back into the community.

She is also studying towards a PhD in International Education and Development which is co-funded by World Vision. Her study is aimed at improving the lives and educational outcomes of marginalized girls in Zimbabwe. Nehanda Radio