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Ms Shally gets Range Rover from Mbizvo after he cheated on her

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Barely two weeks after she flaunted her new boyfriend, South Africa based socialite and businesswoman, Ginimbi’s former manager Shaleen Nullens affectionately known as Ms Shally found herself heartbroken after her boyfriend, socialite and businessman Trevor ‘Hell Commander’ Mbizvo cheated on her with Tytan’s ex lover, Injuzu.

Ms Shally gets Range Rover as sorry from ‘Hell Commander’ after he cheated on her
Ms Shally gets Range Rover as sorry from ‘Hell Commander’ after he cheated on her

In a Live Instagram video Mbizvo appeared to be getting a cozy massage from Injuzu. He then revealed that he was never in a relationship with Ms Shally, they only had a ‘business contract for publicity.’

Injuzu then said she had been speaking to Mbizvo for the past two weeks and they hooked up in a hotel.

She also said Mbizvo was the one who forced her to do the live video so as to send a message to Ms Shally.

Mbizvo then did a live Instagram chat with hyperactive DJ Towers apologizing to Ms Shally for cheating on her.

As if the public IG Live apology was not enough, the “Hell Commander” had to prove he was really sorry through actions by putting his money where his mouth is.

Mbizvo surprised his bae with a brand new top of the class Range Rover.

In a video shared on Instagram by Ms Shally, Mbizvo is seen holding her hand as someone opens up the covered car and he shouts ‘taadaaa!!’

Shally captioned the video with a Davido soundtrack, Jowo saying, ‘My love @the_hell_commader had to make me cry today, and I’m speechless.”

Ms Shally recently moved back to South Africa after the death of Ginimbi in 2020. Her move to SA sparked rumors that she had been kicked out of the Domboshava mansion by Ginimbi’s ex-lover Zodwa Mkandla. Shally rebutted the rumors saying moving back to SA was a ‘personal decision.”

“I was living with Genius not because I was homeless. When Genius was buried, I flew back to South Africa the next day because I can’t live in that house without him, every corner of that house holds precious memories,” read part of her statement.