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Mixed feelings for Bounty Lisa’s tribute song to ex-hubby

Zimdancehall singer Bounty Lisa released a tribute song “Ngwendeza” for her late ex-husband Soul Jah Love over the weekend and the song has received mixed feelings from the fans.

Soul Jah Love with former wife Bounty Lisa
Soul Jah Love with former wife Bounty Lisa

“Ngwendeza” is about being hurt after the departure of a loved one.

The song, which has a video produced by Oskid under Passion Java Records, has attracted different views and comments, despite it having more than 100 000 views on social media in a 48 hours.

The video, which has Bounty Lisa dressed in black at a “mock” funeral with her friends, was shot by director Sweezy of Studio Art.

It was well choreographed and the song, which has gone viral and is being played by ghetto youths, is touching, showing that Bounty Lisa played her cards right.

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The beat and the camera work are excellent, with some suggesting that it is a comeback for Bounty Lisa and she should ride on the popularity of the song. Either way, Bounty Lisa is talented. But some were of the view that it was not fit for her to do a tribute video which is that emotional, as she proved she still had a love spot for Soul Jah Love despite being now married to another man.

“I find it not proper for her to show the emotional attachment in the video or maybe it was just acting,” said a man who identified himself as Blah Tonderai on social media. “What will the current husband and family say?

“If you have moved on, there is no need to continue the attachment.”

Others said it was simply art and acceptable for one to have a tribute song even though they divorced.

“So, you mean to say that if your ex-husband or wife dies, you don’t cry or attend the funeral,” said a local producer who spoke on anonymity. “We are human beings, some how you will still have that emotional attachment even though you will have moved on.

“I think what she did was the best and considering that many people were waiting to see how she would react.”

The trend of tributes by ex-lovers is not new, as back then in the early 90s there was controversy after songstress Faith Evan and P Diddy did a tribute song for Notorious B.I.G called “I will be missing you”.

Faith Evans was still dating Notorious B.I.G by the time of his death, but there were rumours that they had split. The Herald