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TKP alive and kicking after overcoming depression!

By Bongani Ndlovu

Radio personality and house musician TKP has had to dig deep and give thought on whether being in the showbiz industry is what she wants after she slipped into a bout of depression two years ago as she was unhappy about where she was in her career.

Radio personality and house musician TKP (Sandisiwe Dube)
Radio personality and house musician TKP (Sandisiwe Dube)

Born Sandisiwe Dube, her stage name TKP is short for The Kasi Princess. She shot to fame through her song Mhururu in 2015 which got her a Zimbabwe Music Award nomination, Pfugama unamathe featuring Caiiro that topped local charts and Stay with me (2019). She has one album Salibonani (2016) and one EP Ndoyenda (2015).
Next month will mark two years since the musician and radio personality left Skyz Metro FM.

UNdlunkulu as she was affectionately known during her radio stint, became reclusive shortly after resigning and left for South Africa in search of greener pastures.

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During that time, she said she had to take stock of her life and what she wanted to do with her career.

“After resigning at Skyz Metro FM, I got a marketing and advertising job two days later and I left for South Africa. While in South Africa, I got to a point in life where I had to ask myself serious questions. One of the most important ones was; ikhona yini ifuture kulento engiyenzayo (Is there a future in what I’m doing)?

“I love music and entertainment, but am I winning in it, I asked myself. Unfortunately as I was going through this phase and trying to make things work, I felt under pressure and crumbled. This resulted in me slipping into serious depression,” said UNdlunkulu from her base in South Africa.

To try and cope, UNdlunkulu said: “I decided to keep to myself and allowed myself to deal with it (depression) and understand that it’s normal to feel like that sometimes. I also ensured I avoided negative vibes,” said UNdlunkulu.

Now that she has healed, UNdlunkulu said she wants to return to the music scene. She is set to drop a song titled Uthol’omunye that is about break-ups.

“February is the month of love, but not all of us are in love or in relationships. I really enjoyed recording this song which my long-time buddy, Tish kind of forced me to record. But I’m happy he did as I’ve found my voice again. I’m working on more music,” said UNdlunkulu.

In the song that was produced by Just Percy, UNdlunkulu collaborated with Sinazo.

UNdlunkulu said at one time, just the thought of releasing new music terrified her, but now, she is ready.

“Having been in this dark place for a very long time, I couldn’t even sing. It’s like I was lost. I’ve been composing songs, but releasing them terrified me. But now I’m ready to let people in through my music.

“I’m a private person, but if you listen properly, you’ll hear me. No pressure though, the priority is making money,” said UNdlunkulu.

Turning to her radio stint, UNdlunkulu spent close to two years on the airwaves where many listeners of Skyz Metro FM fell in love with her during the Vuka Vuka Breakfast Show which she hosted with Babongile Sikhonjwa.

She said she still misses being on radio as she made a lot of friends there.

“I missed being on radio during the first hard lockdown and that’s when I realised that I miss radio. Also, a lot of people who used to listen to my shows tell me they miss me on radio all the time so it’s like that ex that you’re always being reminded of,” she said.

UNdlunkulu said what she remembers the most is playing nothing but local music during her shifts on Saturday and Rea Vaya Drive.

“I’ve so many memories off my radio days. I enjoyed Rea Vaya drive and My Saturday show. Putting my headphones on and playing nothing but Bulawayo music every single Saturday felt so good. Hosting the SKYMAs was cool too,” said UNdlunkulu. The Chronicle