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‘Rest easy Sauro, may heaven give you what life stole’

By Chenayi Mutambasere


The songs they tell us,
You knew your death before it was time.
You even knew they would give a sweet goodbye yet they killed you before you died.

The sweet of your life
Was the switch off your life
WHO says you should have seen 76
When the looters’ reality says 31
Thats why ‘Dem’ give you a sweet goodbye
And yet they killed you before you died.

It’s crazy you gave us hope
Infact you gave us life
From Cheshire to Mbare
Pamamonya ipapo we sang
Your words our hope
Your pain expressed
And now a sweet goodbye…
When your death was before your time

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You are gone but I saw you today,
You sang from the heart
You were 13, you were 21 ,
You were 33, you were 41
You were sober, you were high
You were her, you were him
You were hungry you were fed
I saw you today as they said goodbye
And hoped they would not kill you again before your time

I listened to you today
What made you different can’t be the lyrics, Wallace got those too.
I listened until I found it in Ndizvozvo Zvandiri
It’s the voice in the sorrow
Young in years but old in pain
Sorrow of things imagined yet unseen
The sorrow of realities lived yet not hoped for,
The sorrow of knowing the sweet goodbyes that will come before their time

I am listening to you again,
They say the great never die
With no breath still Soul speaks
Mwari Wangu it’s hard to listen
A young soul he craved to be here
But how to live when there is no medication
You knew those that took your breath would come for a sweet goodbye

I wish you were here to see it in death they poured out the loot
The same one that could have given you a health boost
If you were here BackTo sender I hear but your breath they took,
Only your lyrics with us here.

Rest Easy Sauro may heaven give you
what life stole
On earth we will enjoy their sweet goodbye to you … All the while we know, your life they stole

#SaluteKing #Hauchabatika