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Mai TT, Trevor Dongo allegedly ‘duped’ by SA based promoter

Comedian Mai TT claims a South Africa based promoter Royce Mapaike duped her of performance fees alongside Trevor Dongo, Jah Signal and Enzo Ishall.

Comedienne Felistas “Mai TT” Murata
Comedienne Felistas “Mai TT” Murata

It seems that Mai TT was booked by Mapaike for a series of shows in South Africa by Mapaike’s Exquisite Entertainment and she claims her and Trevor Dongo filled both VIP areas.

According to posters on Exquisite Entertainment’s Facebook page, there was a Valentines Dinner in Cape town this past Saturday and the second a Valentine’s Family Braai Out in Randburg on Sunday.

However, Mai TT claims Mapaike after the show vanished into thin air along with their performance fees.

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She appealed to her over 300 000 followers on Facebook to help find the promoter who she describes as bogus.

“Help us find this Bogus Promoter Roy Mapaike his phone number is +27842253475.

Arikuhaya maArtists oitisa mashows, oita mari apedza otiza asina kubhadhara mari (He hires artistes for shows and after the show is done and makes his money, disappears without paying the artiste).

“As I’m talking to you now akaunza Trevor Dongo neni (and I) inini ndakapiwa (I was given) half before ndauya because I told him handisimuke pasina deposit (I told him that I don’t travel without a deposit.).” Mai TT added that Mapaike ran away with her performance fees.

Mufunge mashows ese takazadza zvese nekuVIP asi soon after show Roy Mapaike akatiza nemariyese. (The VIP area at all the shows we performed at were full. After the show, Roya Mapaike disappeared with all the money).

Taenda kumba kwake arikunzi akabva Friday chaiyo. (We even went looking for him at his home).

She pleaded with promoters not to dupe artistes.

“Mapromoters musaitire maArtists hutsinye because vamwe ndoraramo yavo. (Please promoters don’t be evil towards artistes as this is their livliehood) Imagine Trevor Dongo akabva kumba kwake kusiya mhuri kuti adzokere asina cent?? (Trevor Dongo left his family only to return to them without a cent.)

“Marimakaita zvisati zvamboonekwa (You made a lot of money,) so wat was the reason of running away,” she said.

Mai TT also pointed out that Jah Signal and Enzo Ishall were also duped by the same promoter.

“Jah signal ataura nhasi kuti makamudaro akazodzoka nemariyake azvibhadharira ndege. (Jah Signal said you did the same to him and he ended up paying for his own air ticket back)

Enzo Ishall ataura zvekare ega kuti (Enzo Ishall said) you did the same.

So urikupona nemari dzemaArtists dzaunoba ivo vorarama neyi. (You steal artistes’ moneys that you use to live your life)

“MaArtists next time better kubhadharwa in full ozosimuka panekuitirwa mashura akadayi. (It’s better for us as artistes to be paid in full before we travel for such shows to be sure).” The Chronicle