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Headmaster under investigation as classroom doors vanish

By Vusumuzi Dube

A headmaster and a driver at Mandwandwe Secondary School in Bulawayo are under investigation after 16 doors out of 32 that were replaced at classrooms by the School Development Committee reportedly went missing under unclear circumstances.

Inspector Abednico Ncube
Inspector Abednico Ncube

The school head, Mr. Litmus Moyo, and an unnamed school driver have been implicated in the alleged scam after two of the missing doors were found installed at the driver’s house. He claimed that he was given the doors by Mr. Moyo.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed that they were investigating circumstances surrounding the alleged theft of the doors but to date, no arrests had been made. “Our officers are investigating that matter after a report was made but no arrests have been made so far,” said Insp Ncube.

Contacted for comment, the SDC chairperson, Mr. Sign Bhebhe confirmed that they had reported the matter to the police after Mr. Moyo had failed to give a substantive explanation on the whereabouts of the missing doors. “As the SDC we got a request from the school to replace the doors, we naturally approached parents who gave us a go ahead, we then went ahead to replace 32 doors at the school. However, we later got a tip off that the driver had taken some of the old doors to his house and for sure when we went there, we identified two of the old doors that had been installed at his house.

“When we asked him, he implicated the school head who initially neither denied or confirmed this assertion, we then went back to the school where we did an inventory on the old doors, where we found that only 16 were left, it is then that the school head professed ignorance on the whereabouts of the doors, which is why we had to report the issue to the police,” said Mr Bhebhe.

He said their worry was that school property could not just go missing when there were people meant to ensure its safety.

“Our thinking was that we were going to dispose of these doors and ensure that the funds raised are channeled towards the development of the school, not just for one person to benefit,” said the SDC chairperson. The Sunday News