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Chenayi Mutambasere: What if….

By Chenayi Mutambasere

What if January 2021 was August 2020
Together we would dance in the sun till we felt like we were 20

Chenayi Mutambasere
Chenayi Mutambasere

What if coughing was smiling?
We wouldn’t have to hide it,
I would cough at you until you were smiling

What if Genius had no car ?
He would ride a kombi in November
And Moana wouldn’t see her Dreams

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What if Mangwana spoke truth to power,
Sure many would see their ‘mangwana’

What if a million spent on her statue was spent on her ward?
That’s easy the 7 would live
And their blood wouldn’t shed

What if Drax paid it back before November?
We would all remember on the 1st of November
The $60million that saved a million

What if he had no sons ,
No sons to loot,
Then the poor would bury no sons

What if the police talked to her instead?
He would spare her baby
That baby would live instead
And Hope… well he would be free the tweet said.

What if the judge set the mayor free?
The mayor would loud it for the homeless
Clear the waste till there was no trace
Perhaps they should set the mayor free

What if they cared about us ?
They would cancel their holiday
Bring back their loot
Repair the hospitals
We could all breathe – yes Us!!

What if we were all equal ?
Masvingo General would be Arundel
Breathing would be free
Fantan would be Tagwirei
And Levels would be free…

What if the General wasn’t fierce ?
He would let the doctors and nurses talk
They know best goodness let them talk

What if the minister was a professor made of steel ?
He would loud it ‘no reform – no investment
No investment – no savings
No savings – no income
Stop stealing the steel’

What if gold bars where soap bars?
We would all use them
No one would steal them
In Dubai we would all be slays

What if in July’18 they didn’t steal from the pastor ?
We would see no evil and hear no evil
The only bullets would be trains
The free would have no chains

If you know you know…