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Tafadzwa Chivaura: Why Mnangagwa and his cabal must be shown the exit door

By Tafadzwa Chivaura

Education plays a significant role in our lives by giving us the opportunity to become productive members of the civilised society.

Tafadzwa Chivaura is the MDC UK and Ireland Province - Youth Assembly Treasurer
Tafadzwa Chivaura is the MDC UK and Ireland Province – Youth Assembly Treasurer

It helps us to develop a disciplined life and provide us with better earning opportunities, and to also enhance our intellect and the ability to make rational decisions. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela defined Education as the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world.

When we all go to school, it is our mission to be educated so that we become well – equipped with the skills that help us land opportunities that would turn into our dream jobs.

Before Zimbabwe got its independence in 1980, people with better education had an opportunity of getting well paying jobs that could easily help them manage to fend for their families.

If we compare the working conditions before and after independence, we can observe that the majority of people who were educated during the Ian Smith regime lived far much better lives and they were getting salaries that could make them afford to buy houses and cars.

This kind of lifestyle stimulated the young generation to study very hard at school because they knew that after the completion of their studies they will definitely get better jobs.

The tragedy then came after independence when Zanu PF took over power. That’s when our dreams were shattered by the greedy and mendacious Zanu PF morons who masquerade as the only rightful owners of our nation.

The overwhelming increase in the number of unemployed people in Zimbabwe have reached alarming levels. The majority of these unemployed people are college and university graduands. Surprisingly, these Zanu PF evil and utterly incompetent morons are now deciding on the collective direction of all Zimbabweans. The clueless Mnangagwa regime has deviated our dreams and made the future of the young generation oblique.

If we comprehensively shed light on the young generation’s daily reality in Zimbabwe, we could see that they are going through abuse and exploitation, and they are faced by the most difficult times in the history of mankind. The young generation have become victims of modern day slavery and have been reduced to nothing because of the Zanu PF government’s poor policies.

The high rate of unemployment in Zimbabwe has forced the young generation to live miserable lives under a lot of stress and uncertain about the future. The political and economic situation is not friendly to the young generation, it only benefits the old generation in Zanu PF.

Recurring nightmares of always thinking of when the economic and political situation will improve have become the norm of the day. The young generation have lost hope in everything and they are very certain that as long as Zanu PF keeps on rigging elections, Zimbabwe will keep on getting plunged into a ditch and their lifelong dreams will never come true.

What is needed now is that, as Zimbabweans; we need people who are determined to win the battle, no matter what obstacles that might try to hinder the winds of change. We should never elicit sympathy for these silly Zanu PF old mafia that is always involved in the looting of our national resources. We need people who are ready to take the bull by its horns.

Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his cabal must be shown the exit door. It’s now time for the new blood to take over the country and lead us into a new Zimbabwe that is full of milk and honey. We need to come together and fight this group of monsters (Zanu PF) that has failed to make Zimbabwe a sustainable source of our future.

Tafadzwa Chivaura is the MDC-Alliance UK and Ireland Provincial Youth Treasurer. He is also a member of the MDC-Alliance National Youth Council. You can follow him on twitter: @tafadzwachivau1