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‘Do you want Mubaiwa to die?’, Zim judge asked over ‘inhuman’ delay

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

The decision by High Court judge Justice Benjamin Chikowero to reserve judgment in the case in which Marry Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of Vice president Constantino Chiwenga is appealing for the return of her passport to enable her to travel to South Africa for special treatment has been condemned as “inhuman”.

Mary Mubaiwa wheeled into court on stretcher bed in warrant drama
Marry Mubaiwa wheeled into court on stretcher bed in warrant drama

Mubaiwa is a holder of two passports that are being held by the clerk of court at Harare Magistrates’ court as part of her bail conditions in the case in which she is facing charges of attempted murder of her former husband, fraud, money laundering and assault.

She is suffering from severe lymphoedema of all limbs and multiple wounds on both legs, feet, arms and hands. Her application for a temporary release of her passport in order to travel to South Africa for special treatment was dismissed at the magistrate court.

This week, through her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, she applied at the High Court and Justice Chikowero reserved judgement.

On Thursday, Justice Chikowero stood down the matter to the afternoon, demanding to see Mubaiwa’s wounds.

However, when she was brought to court, Justice Chikowero had changed his mind saying he was not a medical specialist in wounds examination.

Political commentator Sanderson Makombe slammed Justice Chikowero for being “inhuman” in Mubaiwa’s case.

“Someone is wasting away, requires urgent specialised medical attention. She applies for her passport to travel. A whole Judge reserves indefinitely. What khaki is that? You want her to die? How can courts of law be so mean and inhuman,” he said.

Meanwhile in contract Vice President Chiwenga was flown to China for special treatment despite the fact that he had banned foreign health travels when he was appointed health minister.

A government source told ZimLive that: “He was very unwell at the end of November, and he cut back on his public appearances. A decision was taken to fly him out to seek treatment.”

However, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesman, George Charamba, confirmed Chiwenga was out of the country but insisted that he was on a “state assignment.” Nehanda Radio