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Reuben Barwe wins Zanu PF DCC elections

Zanu PF linked Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) Chief Correspondent, Reuben Barwe has won the ruling party’s district coordinating committee (DCC) elections in Makoni.

Reuben Barwe
Reuben Barwe

Despite holding a public office, the prominent journalist contested in the DCC elections held on December 5 and 6 along with several other public officers.

The Constitution prohibits judicial service officials from taking part in political activities.

Recently, Nehanda Radio revealed that former Gweru prosecutor Namatirai Chipere, had joined the DCC elections before she resigned. She then resigned after pressure from the media.

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Harare Civil Magistrates Court’s Milton Serima also resigned after the Judicial Service Commission had instituted disciplinary measures against him for unconstitutionally standing for election in the Zanu PF DCC in Mt Darwin.

In 2017, Barwe denied State media journalists were being manipulated by the Zanu PF administration to grant positive coverage to the ruling party while doing the opposite for the opposition.

Observers are expecting Barwe to resign from public office.

“We have always known that Barwe was an active member of Zanu PF, but contrary to ethical journalism, ZBC doesn’t hold its professionals to an ethical standard.

“Now that the worst kept secret is official, will he do the right thing and resign?” award winning investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said.