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Covid-19 response shows its possible to end world hunger – Uebert Angel

More money has been spent on finding a cure for the coronavirus than in ending the “pandemic of hunger” around the world, Prophet Uebert Angel has argued in his most recent sermon. 

It’s now 7 months since the UK based businessman/preacher started a countrywide tour to feed people after a devastating Covid-19 national lockdown and drought. In April this year he pledged an eye-watering USD$ 1 million towards coronavirus relief aid to help vulnerable households.

In a sermon titled COVID-19 vs THE HUNGER PANDEMIC, Prophet Angel berated Western governments for clearly showing they had the resources to end world hunger but chose not to do so because their people were not the ones primarily affected by the scourge of hunger.

“Before I talk about Covid, there is an urgent virus that needs everyone’s individual attention, that virus is called hunger, which has killed an innumerable number of people since the world begun. However the unsettling thing is that this virus has a vaccine and the vaccine is called food.”

“No side effects, no government wants to sponsor the eradication of that virus. Its a global pandemic even though the perfect cure is known. They don’t want to end it but they force us to wear masks for a Chinese virus so that we won’t speak against their ignoring of a real virus called hunger.

“Perhaps it’s because of the colour of the skin that is affected by that virus is us people of colour. So it doesn’t really bother them. Imagine the irony, how Italy, Spain, Britain, America are the ones suffering from this virus, the Chinese virus and yet they want to test it on Africans first.

“Yet they ignored the real virus that we suffer from, which is hunger.

According to figures provided by the United Nations (UN) an estimated US$267 billion per year is needed to end world-hunger. 

According to an August 2020 – USA Today article the United States federal government alone “allocated more than $9 billion to develop and manufacture candidate vaccines. More than $2.5 billion more has been earmarked for vials to store the vaccines.”

It’s these figures that have convinced Prophet Angel that its possible to end world hunger if the people with the resources could reshape their priorities to include “curing hunger with food.”

He confesses that the work done by his Uebert Angel Foundation, distributing mealie meal in Zimbabwe has made him passionate about ending world hunger and that’s why he has spent time looking at how much is required in terms of the financial resources to end world hunger. 

After 7 months of charity work distributing food and paying fees for deserving students in mainly rural communities, Prophet Angel has thrown a challenge to others to join the fight against hunger.

“With the help of our foundation and our financial partners, we have been able to play our own small part in helping thousands with mealie meal and cooking oil. All we can do is also urge others with the resources to spare, to join in the crusade to end world hunger. Charity begins at home.”