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Call for DCC poll rerun in Gwanda

By Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu

Zanu-pf Gwanda South legislator Cde Abednico Ncube has called for a rerun in the party’s Gwanda District Coordinating Committee (DCC) elections arguing that less than a quarter of members voted due to logistical issues.

Matabeleland South Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Abednico Ncube
Matabeleland South Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Abednico Ncube

In a statement yesterday, Cde Ncube, who is also a member of the Politburo and Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister, said the outcome of the elections were not a true reflection of the people’s desires.

He said the statement made by Dr Sithembiso Nyoni who is the leader of the Matabeleland South voting process that elections had gone smoothly was not a true reflection of what transpired.

Cde Ncube said in Ward 16 only 16 people voted out of 120 while in Ward 19, three people voted out 120. He said he had received similar complaints from various wards in the district.

“The voting process for DCC members in particular in Gwanda District didn’t go well at all because a few people voted. Less than a quarter of people in the district voted and to say that the voting process went well will be misinforming the head office,” said Cde Ncube.

“Gwanda South is composed of eight wards and out of those wards only one voted. The teams which had been deployed to facilitate the voting process on Saturday arrived as late as 2 or 4PM in some wards and many people had already left.

“They were then advised to go back on the following day but found a few people.

“Zanu-PF is a democratic party and in order for the DCC elections to be deemed successful people should be given a chance to vote in their numbers and select a leader they want.”

Cde Ncube said provincial party leadership were not informed of the identity of candidates until just before the election process.

He said they had scrutinised names of candidates that applied for DCC posts and raised concerns about some of the names but their concerns were ignored.

Cde Ncube alleged that some people were trying to destroy the party by imposing their own candidates. He said Gwanda District party members were committed towards defending the party, revolution and President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“We are saying let’s have a re-run of DCC elections in Gwanda so that these anomalies can be corrected and people can vote for the leaders that they want. Let’s have elections being done correctly by having more people voting.

“Gwanda is a stronghold of the party and if we let slide such issues, we will cripple the party,” he said.

The voting process in Matabeleland South Province started on Friday with orientation and training for all the teams that were going to be involved.

On Saturday however, the voting process started late due to logistic problems as the ballot boxes and papers arrived a bit late.

There was also a challenge of moving them to the points.

Voting continued on Sunday and the counting process was concluded on Monday morning. The Chronicle.