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Meet Bulawayo’s eccentric ‘locking’ prophet

By Peter Matika

It is hard to imagine a more dramatic biblical figure than Prophet Elijah . . . He was regarded as a healer, miracle maker, King breaker and an exalted prophet!

Prophet Elijah
Prophet Elijah

Elijah was considered to be one of THE most important prophets in biblical scripture.

The book of Malachi prophesied Elijah’s return would herald the coming of the messiah . . .

Eons later and if fate would have it another Elijah has been begat, this time around in the form of a 36-year-old Mduduzi Dube, who is warmly known as the Black Elijah.

Known for his famous spiritual padlocking system that prevents any married person from engaging in extra-marital sex many have asked just who Black Elijah is?

Sunday Life managed to track the famed prophet, who narrated how he became one of the most famous prophets of the city, if not the country.

He explained he had been prophesying and performing miracles since 2012, with his most famous miracle being that of making 30 grams of gold appear in a congregant’s pockets during a service.

“I received my calling when I was just 15. I was prophesied by the prophet of the church I was part of. He told me that one day I would become a prophet and would carry out God’s work. I was 15 at the time. When I turned 16, I left Zimbabwe for South Africa and there I joined another church, where I was groomed and nurtured to be a prophet for four years,” said Black Elijah.

He said he served as a youth pastor before opening his own ministry —Christ Life Generation Church.

“I remember my first ever miracle. That was of one congregant receiving blessings in the form of gold — 30 grams of gold to be precise,” said Black Elijah.

He said his calling was solely on prophecy and performing miracles.

“I was groomed by the late Siziba and I thank God for this gift every day,” said Black Elijah.

On the issue of his famed spiritual padlocking technique, Black Elijah explained how it worked.

“Both genders come to me for help. I mainly and only work with married couples. This is because infidelity is a sin and it somewhat has to be nipped in the bud. Most people though come for assistance with this are women.

“What the lock does is it prevents one from getting sexual feelings for anyone else besides their partner. Basically, what it entails is their privates will not work. This can be reversed as well if both parties are in agreement. I can also unlock those that have been locked elsewhere,” said Black Elijah.

He said recently he had assisted a woman who had experienced several break-ins at her home.

“I placed a spiritual padlock at a woman’s home who had been ransacked several times. When the thieves got into the yard they fell under a spiritual spell that prevented them from escaping the house until the following day when they were arrested by members of the law,” said Black Elijah.

He noted that ever since he revealed his spiritual padlocking system he had been inundated with calls, with many people seeking his services.

“I now work through bookings. There are a lot of people who have been requesting my services. I have had to change my number several times because they would disturb me. So, I have now resorted to having one of the pastors from my church attend and set appointments with them. I believe in working with people for the great of humanity,” he said. The Sunday News