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Nyanga robbers nabbed

By Lovemore Kadzura

Two of the eight brutal robbers who allegedly pounced on a prominent Nyanga businessman’s house and subjected his family to extreme torture using hot irons have been arraigned before the courts.

Four dangerous robbers armed with knives and machetes arrested
File picture of four dangerous robbers armed with knives and machetes who were arrested in February 2018

Aaron Nyamajiwa (37) and Shannaby Chawanga (24) pleaded not guilty when they recently appeared before Rusape regional magistrate, Mr Francis Mapfumo.

The two were being represented by Mr Tendai Bvuma and Mr Douglas Mwonzora.

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The other suspects who are still at large are Charles Kuyesi, Perseverance Nyikayaramba, Brighton Magondo, Livingstone Nyikadzino and Prince Nyamanza.

Rusape District prosecutor, Ms Event Dhliwayo said the eight suspects connived to rob Mr Moses Kavhenga after they had been informed that he was keeping large sums of money at his home.

“On January 8, 2020, acting in common purpose, Nyamajiwa led his accomplices to Kavhenga’s house and showed them the target. Nyamajiwa left fearing to be identified. The other accused persons forced the door open and gained entry. They tied the legs and hands of two of Mr Kavhenga’s sons and ordered them to remain silent or risk being attacked with logs and iron bars.

“However, Kavhenga’s sons managed to identify three of the accused persons since there was light in the room. The accused persons broke into the bedroom and ordered Kavhenga to sit down. When he refused, they hit him with an iron bar. He sustained a fractured arm.

“The accused persons also struck Kavhenga’s wife and niece several times using logs. The gang was demanding US$22 000 which they claimed they had been informed was in the house. They said they wanted to use to buy three commuter omnibuses using the money,” said Ms Dhliwayo.

Kavhenga’s wife revealed the safe’s keys location and one of the accused persons opened the safe and stole 10 000 rand, US$274, 100 Meticals and $31 780.

Ms Dhliwayo said the robbers were not satisfied with the money and continued beating up Kavhenga and his wife, insisting that they had more money in the house.

“Accused persons ransacked the whole house before dragging Kavhenga, his wife and niece into the dining room. They connected an electric iron to a socket and waited until it was red hot. They burnt Kavhenga twice on his legs. They also burnt his wife five times on the back,” she said.

However, the torture did not yield any positive results as the robbers failed to get more money from the house.

The robbers later stole six cellphones, six blankets, a chain saw and two leather jackets, before disappearing.

“On February 14, 2020, Nyamajiwa was arrested in connection with another robbery at Ruwangwe Business Centre. Upon being searched, he was found with a phone belonging to Kavhenga. Kavhenga’s son also managed to identify Nyamajiwa during an identification parade,” said Ms Dhliwayo.

The trial was expected to continue yesterday (Thursday). ManicaPost.