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Brian Sedze: Opposition impoverishing members via political correctness

By Dr Brian Sedze

A “rational economic” Zanu PF has been masterminding massive wealth transfers to their  enlightened members since 2000.The ruling party members are winning on the economic front by creating wealth which shall benefit future generations of their members.

Brian Sedze
Brian Sedze

The opposition on the other hand has been sulking and throwing diatribes on several social media platforms strategically blind to the fact that political, legal and democratic “rightness” was impoverishing many future generations of their own enlightened members.

The wealth has been transferred through programmes, including but not limited to, land acquisition, economic empowerment, youth projects, mining syndicates, tenders, business germinations, special banks, joint ventures, associations, societies, co-operatives and companies. Opposition does not actively encourage its members to participate in most of these formations.

Opposition prefer curriculum vitaes to business plans. In fact there is a “plan” to acquire power first. In my view if it ever happens by then the economic power would have bolted to members of their political adversaries. It’s just like Zanu Pf in 1980.

As write this piece, it is now the start of mainstream agriculture season. Mostly Zanu Pf members and or voters are putting seed to the ground. Their rational economic being energised them to expropriate land in a chaotic manner.

The land which was taken from the white farmers shall be compensated by the taxpayer. The taxpayer who shall compensate for the land is predominantly an urbanite opposition supporter.

After investing in politics the opposition shall compensate the farmer. They even agreed on that at the time of the making of the constitution.They have no land and paying for land acquired by the political adversaries.

The agriculture inputs for new farmer shall be subsidized by the taxpayer as it has been since the year 2000. It is highly probable that the inputs just like command agriculture shall be a debt. This debt shall be assumed by the taxpayer and the majority is the urbanite predominantly opposition members.

The Reserve Bank debt assumption on “quasi” fiscal expenditure is a future tax on the same people in opposition strongholds. Command agriculture write offs benefitted the same ruling party members.ZAMCO also assumed debts of the same clique. The opposition is just playing politics without economic literacy. This makes the future generation born by its members a lot more poor.

Since formation in 1999 the opposition was concentrating on great ideas but elitist in nature. The ideas are great and are really important like constitutionalism, reform, human rights, democracy and rule of law.

The traction of these ideas is doubtful to an educated population that often use emotions to think but not exactly what they actually have read. I say emotions because, as an example, after agreeing to a constitution that has a clause to compensate white farmers they now say it’s a bad idea. It was a bad idea then but voting for people is not like voting for an idea.

If I was a strategy advisor I would encourage members to join the obtaining of land during the chaotic land reform. By the admission of the opposition itself the land reform is not reversible. It basically mean while opposition invested in political and legal correctness including fighting in the corner of the Anglo Saxon world the real wealth of the land was transferred from the white farmer to Zanu PF members.

The opposition chose to side with the oppressor and aliens. It may have been politically correct but there are new land owners whose ideals may differ with opposition. Their children and grandchildren will sit pretty on that land for decades.

If for some reason the cropping season fails the grain imports will be imported by entrepreneurs and associations run by Zanu PF members. The grain millers will get subsidised maize and wheat. These subsidies are paid for by taxpayers who are in the majority urbanites who are mainly opposition members. The miller associations are mostly ZANU Pf members. It is doubtful there are a significant number of opposition business people who even applied for these import licenses.

The excess produce if any will be sold in the market places like Mbare controlled and run by the majority being ZANU PF members. The opposition member’s role is to purchase the produce and fund the members of their political opposites. It’s a very intricate policy blindfold to invest in politics without the economic power. It is doubtful there are opposition members who have made overtures to their opposition run city councils to run markets like at Mbare and Mupedzanhamo.

Rational economic opposition should have members with business plans and strategies , of course in addition to curriculum vitaes.Opposition must find balance by pursuing both wealth creation and pursuing politically correct ideas like rule of law, human rights, democracy, reforms and so forth.

The Zanu PF members who are the majority beneficiaries of the land reform shall be remembered by their grandchildren for bequeathing prime land. On the other hand the opposition member shall be remembered for nothing. Fighting without winning is often forgotten and in addition our grandchildren may prefer wealth instead of failed ideas.

This is not exactly a new phenomenon. In 1979 and 1980 one Bishop Abel Muzorewa of the United African National Congress threw stand numbers from a helicopter for Glen View and Glen Norah properties. The stands and houses were for free. ZANU PF and PF ZAPU members shunned this offer on the platter of political expediency. It later turned out their  members and their children are now tenants of those who made rational economic decision.

Chaos and crisis is often a period when transfer of wealth occurs. Even if the land required some membership card of Zanu Pf it should have dawn on any rightful thinking person that membership cards don’t vote but people do. I would have encouraged members to get the damn cards and get the land.

The idea of opposition and ruling party members working on same economic goals should not be an idea repulsive and remote to pursue. The ZANU PF youths have for years been forming syndicates, associates and co-operation to pursue obtaining of mining claims.

As it is the largest quantity of gold is being supplied by these formations. It should have been a great decision for opposition members to pursue riches of their land outside Facebook, twitter and protests. The youths must be persuaded by their political leaders to do something to create or acquire wealth.

They are often a huge frown when Zanu Pf members like Pedzisai “Scott” Sakupwanya flaunt their wealth on social media from gold sales. It’s without doubt that the emotions are not backed by tangible evidence of any crime he committed but that he just took opportunities based on the God given bounties of the country. There is also no evidence that opposition social media pundits have even tried to pursue just on gold claim or procurement license.

Opposition often promote laziness by peddling half-baked truths just to whip up emotions. Everyone knows farming and mining are preserved and promoted by the country fiscal laws. The tax contribution of the two is negligible because they operate in almost a “tax free” environment. As an example the US$330 000, 00 one Henrietta Rushwaya was trying to smuggle may have had a tax loss of less than US$20 000, 00.Government revenue comes for tax not the global sales.

One of the most opposed public policy initiatives was the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act which was pursued with vigour by the ruling party. Whilst opposition encouraged keyboard opposition to the Act and its implementation the ruling party encouraged its members to obtain equity and control of companies. Significant wealth was transferred. That opportunity has gone because opposition pursued the myopia of jobs. It’s very doubtful a significant number of opposition members had business plans to acquire black empowerment quotas.

Strategic thinking will point to the fact that political power without controlling the economy is really an idea that is not politically sustainable. This part is alive in Zanu PF and close to dead in the actions of  to the opposition.

The opposition does not have significant number entrepreneurs and their political ideas do not encourage germination of them.

One Wicknell Chivayo of Intratrek who is also a known Zanu PF Member is probably not exactly a model entrepreneur. He won a major contract for a solar energy project all the same.

Most of his critics are opposition members but I can certainly say no opposition aligned entrepreneur can actually produce evidence of a more competent tender filed by them to the Zimbabwe Power Company which was disqualified due to corruption.

In fact the collective anger is on behalf of foreign entities that actually worked to try getting the tenders. Anger without individual or collective action to obtain these tenders is really not ideal.

As we approach 2023 the government is said to be solidly deciding to sale some State Owned Enterprises. Like in Russia this will be another transfer of wealth and millionaires will be created. Opposition which has been at the forefront of pushing for the sale of these enterprises will have none of their entrepreneur’s members preparing bid papers.

After awards the social media will be awash with complaints when substandard bids of the Zanu PF members win the bids. The complaints will be on behalf of foreign entities. It is with doubt there are opposition aligned members even preparing a single paper to procure these entities.

It is an imperative of any political party to gain economic power in addition to political power. Without doubt it’s also is extremely difficult to gain the later without solid local financial support. Funding can be obtained from foreign entities which may result in selling the struggle to foreign interests. These foreign interests often bring with them concepts that are great on paper but difficult to explain to my grandmother in Chiendambuya.

Brian Sedze is a strategy and Innovation Consultant. He is also the acting president of Free Enterprise Initiative. He can be contacted on brian.sedze@gmail.com